Monday, 22 March 2010

New moon is mine!!!!! hehehehe

Finally I have a copy of New Moon! I loved the books and I love these films!!!
(I know I ma just a big kid!! lol hehe)
Look at this!! I saw one of these blankets on True blood this week and thought to my self I have to get one of those and what did I find in a charity shop this morning?????
Even better is the colours in this blanket! It couldnt be more perfect and for £1.99 I was rather pleased!!! :)

I said I would show some more of my life drawings and here they are....
I really struggled with drawing the male form and am not too happy with them but they are a learning curve!

These last 2 were done last friday and I was pleased with them. I do realise however that I have made the model look like a witch but hey I really like drawing people in blues - like Avatars!!

Oh and I have done a little bit of scrapping too!!

Speak soon

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Life drawing

Hello, Im back armed with some pics of the Journal I did on Dina Wakelys online course.  I have posted a few pics of it before and explained that I have been using it in Life Drawing classes which I do on a friday.
Life drawing makes me feel so happy.  I get completly lost whilst Im there.  I have found a medium which I love working with - Water soluable wax pastels and Canvas in book form.  Like I said before my drawings arnt great but I am not so worried about that at the moment and am getting better each time I go.
I have been working on some portraits that I have done too- I will post these once I take a few pics:)

You may notice that I stopped drawing faces on the drawings but I am working n that :)
More coming soon..........
Here is Evan enjoying his first ice cream of the year:)
Speak soon

Monday, 1 March 2010

Inspired retreat

I'm back and I had a great time.  I took my Bellaboo shop to the retreat and shared the shop with Karen and Anni from Scrapshed- we shared our hotel room too and had a blast.  These ladies are fab and hilarious!  Anni is a fellow Twilight fan - I thought I was bad lol!!!
Michelle( the organiser) had amazing teachers come and teach - Dina Wakely, Lance anderson, Karen  burniston, Emma Trout and Lida de Witte. They were so inspirational! 
We were lucky that the shop had a door that opens out to the class room which was great as we could do the classes from the shop - Yeahhhh :)  I did 4 in total!
My fave was this one....
I had some bits with me like the key and fabric - I am so pleased with it!
Now to find a home for it!

I will take more pics of the projects tommorrow and post soon :)

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