Monday, 17 December 2007

Ok its official I am a terrible blogger!!

Ok so my post have gone down rapidly recently- oooopps!! and what have I been doing in the meantime??? uuuummmmm probably not tht much, there have been birthday parties and xmas parties that I wore a dress to - shock horror me in a dress (this is a very rare ocasion)!! We have been visiting family- always stressful!! but also nice!
got some pic of the boys and santa

Evan (the little one) was so happy to see santa at the resteraunt we went to yesterday. This is officially the best santa in the world!! he really is good!!
Right I have to go and sort my boys out
Promice I will post more often

Sunday, 2 December 2007

Bloody hormones!!!!!

Why are we cursed with hormones!!!!

Ok so it has been a while since I was last on here! I have been feeling a little low lately, and just havent been able to write anything interesting thats going on! I think my hormones have taken over my entire body and have been contoling me!!!!- Arrrrggggghhhh bloody things!!! I think they must be like lil aliens in my body telling me to be a grumpy cow, or screaming banshee, or a howling baby- why do these things take so much contol over me???????? Had some tests done at the docs and it looks like I have PSOS, but it is strange as I have 2ce as many periods as normal and usually you have less with PCOS - I am telling you its the hormones!!!!!!!!

OK Rant over!!!!

I have not been doing much scrapping the last few weeks, but have been sewing lil tree decorations as lil pressies. I have also been making lil buttons out of fimo- lil gingerbread ones- they are sooo cute (even if I do say so myself!!)
Here is the class I taught at the MODSCRAPS crop

It is birthday month in our house Evans was yesterday, then Aerons on the 23rd- and all I can think about is presents and parties!!!

We went to the ss great britain a few weeks back and I think I must have just walked round with the camera infront of my face!! Here are some pics!!

Right I am going to call it a night

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