Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Ohhh Ive been quiet havent I ??

Well I have been busy - my scrapping stash had finally started no taken over my dining room!! One whole sideof the room was covered with boxes full of stash!! I promised James I would sort it, so persuaded him to take me up to Ikea for some new storage.

I spent all weekendsorting through my stash, and sorting my buttons (which have now all been sorted in to jarsby colour- they look sooooo pretty!! I knew I had alot but really I have alot of buttons!!! I find my space in the dining room works so much better now especially for scrapbooking!!

Talking of scrapbooking I have a few sneek peeks for you that I have been working on for the scrapbook apprentice!! I had to make 2 layouts and 2 cards and I really dont like making cards- its just not my thing!!
Right Im off to make Toad in the hole for tea
Have a good day

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

lushalishous retreat challenge

we challenged each other to use this 'jazz hands' pic in a layout
This is mine :)

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

A crop sneek peek

As promised here is a sneek peek of the class I will be teaching at Modscraps crop on the 22nd nov! Yo uwill need one 8x6 portrait photo or 2 smaller ones (landscape) and you can see the colours we will be using- these papers are lush!!! Ellie made a fab decission choosing these for the class. I really hope you like it. Will figure out what else you shoud bring with you.
Oh my boys are argueing!! back in school tommorrow though!!
We had a lovely day out on sat, we went down to St Fagans near Cardiff, it is really good the entrance was free so all we had to pay for was getting there and parking. The celtic village was my fave bit (even if I did come out smelling like a bonfire!!)

My only boy that would dress up was Calann, I turned the pics to sepia when I got home.
James took this really lovely one of my - do you like my hat?

These huts were great you could see and smeel the smoke a mile off- I coughed when I went in -lol I am a wimp!!
I cant wait to scrap some of these with my new stash!!!

I had to show you this pic I took yesterday- hessss soo cute!!!
Mr monster got very very muddy!!! lol
Have a good day

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Pumpkin fun

Today the 12 scrapbook apprentices were announced- I am one of them!!!

I love halloween- its one of my favourite times of year!! (It always helps that my b'day was the day before) We bought 4 pumpkins Well 1 pumpkin and 3 munchkins!! I helped the boys carve theirs but ran out of time to do mine as I went shopping.

I am very fortunate the family gave me money for my birthday which meant I could buy some dresses I have had my eye on (5 in total (but 3 totalled £9) I loooovvvvvveeee shopping for clothes!! James bought me the pride and predjudice (the 90s version!!) I love it!! he also bought me a hot knife!! which is a soldering iron with a craft knife blade to making cutting really easy!! (I am such a cheat!!)
This pic of Ev makes me laugh!! - You can just see him saying 'mum stop taking photos!!'The cheeky boy started to knock the munchkins on the grass- the grin!!!

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