Tuesday, 13 October 2009

More things to share

Heres another layout using the Monster mash kit I have had this photo for years so its reallly nice to finally use it after about 3 years. Evan looks so young in this pic!

Every monday since Evan started school I have been going to a morning crop which has been great- I have been managing to do at least a whole layout at each one - thats sooo good for me!!

And a sneak peek for a technique mini book class I am teaching in november- its gonna be full of prima goodness!!

I went to a garden centre yester and they had a fab display outside - I had to take a pic- arnt they gorgeous!

I have been naught and ordered myself a POGO !! I am so excited - I cant wait for it to arrive - 3x2 instant photos - wicked!

I am going out with my nan tommorrow to the Jane Austen centre - I have been wanting to go there for ages! - I cant wait!- oHh Mr Darcy here I come....

Speak soon!

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Its official - I am sad!

Yesterday I spent the day filming at my kids school for the BBC program 'Being Human'. The school was chosen as a location and children and parents were asked as 'Extras' Of course being me I couldnt resist my chance plus I rather hoped that the Vampire guy May be there!

Anyhows we say around in the playground or about an hour whilst they got started! Itwas a bit cold but thought I dont care this is gonna be fun! Myself and 6 other parents turned up (I was surprised it wasnt more!) Luckily I knew all but 2 of them well so we had a right laugh!
We were called up to the crew and actors which was weird, and were told what we needed to do and where to stand. and it went on allllllll day!
We were given an hour for lunch so I went round to my mate Trish's house (who too had been there all morning) we warmed up with a coffee and watch the rain start and thought ohhh no! but when we started to go back it eased off to a light drizzle.

When we got back everyone was kinda hanging around so I thought I would take my chance to get a pic with one of the actors! now I started asking then Trish tanslated my garbled speak to him! he said yes and asked my name, I said Cleo and he introduced himself as Russell I went to shake his hand and my umbrella almost flew towards him! That was it I was all embarassed and bumbling away tring to get my camera out of my bag - and it didnt want to come out! by this point my friends are laughing at me ! but I got my photo! He was so nice he even picked up my umbrella for me ! I am sooo embarassed!!!!! one of the parents said I looked really star struck which wasnt it -I just got embarassed! ohhh well I did my bit now I have got to hope I make it into the scene!! hehe

I watched the first series and loved it and it was great to see how things are filmed. Everyone was so friendly bringing out umbrellas to us when the rain started and just being so nice! I cant wait til next feb to see it now - whether i am in the shot or not!! I had a really good day! even if I didnt get to meet the vampire charector! (actually that was probably a good thing - I would probably fallen in the mud or something!!)

A change - Oh yeah you might notice that in that photo that my hair is dark! - A couple of weeks back I decided to dye it purple - a nice dark purple and well it went bright purple with lilac streaks - hmmm nice I hear you say .... no no no! I dyed it dark fairly quickly and LOOOOVEE it!. My hair has never been this dark but I really do like it! Its great as you wont see the roots so soon!

Anyway I really need to blog more often - but that the problem with 2 blogs it seems too much and so I dont at all!! lol
Other things going on since my last blog post - August - oooopps!!
My youngest so started full time school - its so odd doing stuff at home without children! I have been going to a morning crop on a monday too which has been lovely.
I have been busy with Bellaboo too! Ohhh we have lots and lots of gorrrggeeous goodies in store- New cosmo, Sassafrass, MME Jenni Bowin, new inks and loads more - come and have lookie sometime! you can find us here
Anyway I thought I would show you a few layouts I have been doing recently.......
Hopefully I will be back in less than 2 months this time lol!!!
Speak soon x

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Its been a while..

Its been a while since I shared some of my layouts with you - and it is about time too!! lol
My house is very quiet atm as my boys have all gone to Durham with their grandparents so I have lots of time to catch up on the things I have been meaning to do lol!
We have sorted both Cal's room and Aeron and Evan's room. As much as I am getting lots of things done I didn't realise just how much I would miss them!
Hopefully I willbe going to see the Banksy exhibition tommorrow and then maybe watch some of the Hot air balloons from the garden! (we are very lucky to live under the flight path of the Balloon fiesta ) which is this weekend! fingers crossed I get some good pics :)
Anyhows heres some layouts for you :)
have a good evening :)

Saturday, 1 August 2009

It s party time at Shimelles

I have been making a little (very little) something for the party over at Shimelle's I had very little time to work on it but here is the layout :) Please forgive the terrible photo! Ihave no good light :(
Hope you have fun

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

The funniest weekend ever...

The Queen of the Shadylands and His Imperial highness
(Roxanne & Edwardo)

My sister Turned 21 last friday (Happy Birthday Roxanne!!!) and instead of having a traditional 21st birthday party she decided to have a 21st fancy dress picnic in Singleton park in Swansea!! Ok I though this may turn out to be funny but I had no idea just how funny!

My Lil Brother Jess went as a Bunny

My other Lil Brother Max went as .....(cant remember his name ) from the Cure

My Husband James went as a Hippy

Lisa was a sunflower
Julia was a Wicked Queen of hearts

I will just show you a few of the scenes that were to be seen by the public!!
My stepdad walking the dog.......

A bit of fire eating........
You can only imagine the looks we had but it was sooo much fun, so much so that I am thinking of holding something myself at some point!! Hehe

In other news ........ We lost our pet hamster Sandy last week- we were all a little sad as she had been a lovely pet to Calann. He kept saying his room was empty without her so he has now got 2 pet Rats- Norman and Derek. They are only 5 weeks old and we cant really handle them at the moment but am hoping they will calm down a little.
Nigel (the Kitten) is now making those wonderful noises that his mum used to make when she was a kitten. He sounds like one of the little dinosaurs in Jurrasic park!!!
I have the Bellaboo July kit all sorted and ready for release on the 1st July- This months kit has the Yummy Fancy pants Delight range.
This was the layout I taught at the Bellaboo crop this month using these gorgeous Girl Friday papers.
Ok ! that turned into a long post lol !!

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Yooooddelele hooooooo

Oh I went quiet didn't I - Sorry about that !! lol
So what have I been up to ????? Ummmmmmm..... making kits , teaching writing newsletters, looking after kittens ummm and loads more that I can fit into my head right now- Oh but Twilight!-

I watched Twilight and LOOOOVVVVEEEEDD it but people kept telling me that the book was better so I bought it. Since having children I have been unable to read a book - I can read articles, magazine etc.. but my contraction just wasn't letting me. Until Twilight -OMG have I loved this book and the next one 'New moon' I have just started the 3rd too!! I love these stories!!, Vampires werewolves etc- and romance - what more could I ask for?? Anyone who knows my taste in films tv etc knows that I am a sucker for Horror, Sci fi, and Romance so these worked soooo well for me!! I am actually really excited about them (as if you couldn't tell!! lol)I have actually surprised myself at how 'into these books ' I have got into these books I even got up early (6 am ) to read on yesterday! I just cant wait for the time I find to read! I haven't been like this for such a long time!!
Anyhow....... I taught a class on Sat- a 3D Tree and a layout I have a couple of the class kits left here -if anyone fancies one they are on sale here

Right I'm off to make tea- Hope you have a good evening :)

Monday, 11 May 2009

Sneaky Peeks :)

I know Ive not been on here for a while! But hey ho! I have 2 sneak peeks for you.
The first is for the Bellaboo crop in Olveston on sat 16th May! We will be using yummy My Minds Eye papers!

The class will be a layout. The main photo is a circle, mine is approx 3 1/2 inch circle which was cropped from a larger photo. I have also used lots of mini photos which I printed as a photo montage on my computer. All the photos are from a weekend away, so show lots of the little things to remember.
The papers we will be using are the My minds eye Blooom and Grow range- So
lovely summery colours!!

So tools and requirements....

A photo that can be cropped into a circle shape

Lots of mini photos of different sizes

Usual scrapping kit...

Glue runner



paper trimmer,

Pink ink, yellow ink, blue ink (i will bring mine to borrow if you dont have have the colours)

And a needle with a hole big enough for embroidery thread!

The second Sneaky peek is for the Bromsgrove crop on the 6th June I will be adding more info on this soon :) (you can only see a very small section in this pic:)

Have a good day :)

Monday, 27 April 2009

Piccies of kittens

Heres some pics of my gorgeous little kittens.....................

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Paper Arts

I had a great day yesterday at Paper Arts, I taught 2 classes- a mini book and a layout.
It was great to see some old faces aswell as some new ones I have never met- one being one of my facebook friends! Fiona made some of her fab cakes - yum!! I missed out on one type but the choccie ones were lush!!!

My kittens are doing well, 2 started opening their eyes yesterday and today their eyes are OPEN! It looks odd though!! I am not sure they can see yet as they are not looking about, but still using their sence of smell. Little Nigel still hasnt opened his at all yet, but sure he will soon. I will take some extra pics of them today once my batteries have charged (they were pinched for the wii). They are also moving around lots at the moment, they are climbing over eachother, I am going to try and take a movie of them!

**Exciting news**

I have finally sorted a Bellaboo crop in Olveston, South Gloucestershire, which is quite close to Bristol too!! If you fancy it there are more details here

Have a good day :)

Tuesday, 21 April 2009


Yes we have kittens, Buffy gave birth on sunday morning to 4 Cute kittens. Sadly one died. The 3 left seem very strong and mother and babies are doing well :). Myself, James and the boys are soo excited about them, I can stop watching them!!
The boys have named the Deejo, Cindy and Nigel! 2 boys and 1 girl! They are ssoooo beautiful!!

Anyway..... Back to scrapping - I have just announced a Design Team call over on the Bellaboo blog so if you fancy being part of the Bellaboo Design team please apply :)

All the yummy Basic Grey Lime Rickey range came in yesterday and its even nicer than I was expecing!! I just need a bit of time to sit down and have a play with it now!!

I am off to help my son take some photos of the kittens :)!!
Have a good day :)

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