Monday, 22 February 2010

Did you spot me?

Last nights episode of Being Human was FABBBBBBB I thought personally it was the best episode yet! (and no not just because I was in it lol!!)
James couldnt stop himself at laughing at me!! - Ok I am no actress but it was such fun! For most of the day we were sat in a classroom listening to Georges screams!! It was such fun!! You can just about see my sons in the parents evening too!! (Oh I am the one with dark hair sitting at a desk with a black and pink dress on!!)
You can view it here Being human Episode 7 on the BBC iplayer!!

Look from 35.28 mins on this episode if you want to see my fantastic acting!! Thanks Carmen for finding the bit!!

Today I am sorting out loads of new stock!! - Cosmo Cricket, Bind it alls, stamps and loads more!

Right off to do more pricing ...... Speak soon!!

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Being human....

I am really looking forward to tonights episode on Being Human!!! Myself and 2 of my boys spent a whole saturday filming with them so I really hope we get more than a 1/2 second showing!!! 
Cal is excited too as he keeps saying he's going to be eaten!!! lol - so watch out for us tonight at 9pm on BBC3!!

Friday, 19 February 2010

Look at me blogging twice in one week lol!!

A few weeks ago I found a book called Artist trading card workshop and it inspired me sooo much I just had to buy it!  Once at home thought I just had to try out some of the techniques in the book. My friend  Jayne came over and we had such fun getting messy making these ATC!
The butterfly one is my favourite.

 However it was so funny cutting these faces from the TV guide- can you recognise who they are? There is a clue in the name! - Samot!! lol!!

I would thouroughly recomend this book to anyone who is thinking about making ATC s or is looking for new techniques to play with!

Yesterday myself and the boys went to Slimbridge wetlands centre with Windmill hill city farm! We were soaked with rain and sleet before we even got to the farm but once we were on the coach we all warmed up and dried off - but it snowed all the way there and whilst we were there!!! It was COLD!! To be fair though once we were there and the boys were running about it was fine.  It was a farm photography trip so the aim was for all the families to take photos. Unfortunately all the batteries in our cameras died quickly but we did get some shots.  I have been playing on Picnik this morning editing a few (as I no longer have any editing software :( - I miss my photoshop!!!)
The photos are not that great but hey I never claimed to be a photographer!!

Right I am being summoned to the Wii!! to play on the olympics!! lol
Speak soon

Monday, 15 February 2010

A bit of this.... a bit of that......

Recently I have been doing a bit of this and a bit of that but went to a life drawing class the other day which has set off something in me ! I spent my time there collaging and playing with drawing mediums - I cant wait to go back. I did an online class with Dina wakely last year and made a fab book I have started to use this as a life drawing journal - I have decided even the mistakes are good as I now know not to try them again!!

I feel I am changing at the moment and am feeling very experimental with my art supplies. It feels so good!

I am not worried about getting things right but am enjoying the process. I have never been very good at making things look lik they are meant to but its something I enjoy doing.  I tried using charcoal and found that it does nothing for me hence why I did purple people!! lol Colour works so much better for me!  I can't wait to go back!

This page isnt finished but am trying out techniques on my drawing - this feels such a positive thing for me at the moment and feel so much happier for it!

Heres a couple of layouts I have done lately too.....

Sorry about the awful photos - the kids have hijacked my batteries for the wii!!!

Do you remember Nigel?

Heres a couple of recent pics of him - he's the most lovely cat! (A little stupid at times ie when he sit in the washing machine!!) But so sweet!

Also I have to shout this out - I HAVE LOST 12 LBS!!!!! (please if you find them do not send them back !! hehe) I am so pleased with myself!!!!

Right I'm off to make lunch for the boys.. Have a good day!

Oh did anyone spot me on Being human last week? I had a good half a second airing time lol!!! next sundays should be the one to watch though!! lol!!

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