Thursday, 30 August 2007

Layouts layouts layouts

Ok James has now told me that I am thouroughly obsessed!!! He thinks that it is all I think about (hmmmm it is, but dont tell him:)) I had my mini magazine from mandy at scrapstudio today, its soo weird to see my work in print and I get soo excited about it will be passing it to James when he gets back from work!!(poor bloke)

I have been expeimenting with flock, ink and those sheets of double sided punch glue, my carpet is taking a beating every evening- it gets covered in little tiny bits of paper and well bits of everything!!

These are my scrapstudio dt layouts and projects, using my honeymoon photos (and they are nice clean innocent ones:D)

Sun drenched- I love this photo taken of me in Rome, The colours are so rich and sumptious, and it works so well with these papers.

Refresh a pic of mine and James feet in a Rome fountain- it was lovely
I had great fun punching out all the little holes- my hands did ache a little though and I was finding little circles all over my house for ages- hmmm (ok I cant blame the kids this time;D)

And a little laced up honeymoon book- these are so easy to make and they can be a big or small as you like, they are so versitile!

Right I have to make salmon pasta now- hmmm what music can I put on?? ohh got some new James Brown think I will try that!!

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

New pens

We had a lovely day yesterday just us! We went for a pub lunch (I had salmon parcels and veg- yum yum yum!!!, then cadbury garden centre (for some craft shopping), then a cool refreshing dip in the swimming pool.

I wanted to find some good permanent acid free pens and was soo pleased when I found the sakura range- a friend had told me about these! I playey all evening with my white on and I LUUURRRVVVEE it, what a lovey texture (think the whole range of colours may end up in my shopping basket sooon!!!(dont tell James:D!) I thought I loved my gel pen (- which I do, I dont want it to get jealous!!!) but this pen is lush. I was drawing on acrylic, and it leaves a beautiful raised glazed surface. Ohhh I love it

I have done a layout with one of my wedding photos- this pic was taken just monents before I went down to be married- I look terrified in the pic!!! I had lots of fun doodleing on this one!! and lots of gems bling bling!

Right boys want their toast

Saturday, 25 August 2007

Somewhat obsessed!!

I have realised that scrapbooking has taken over my life!! There are bits of paper, card, scissors and photos everywhere in my house, and almost everything that pops in my head relates to scrapping somehow!!! HMMMM think I may be somewhat obsessed!!!! But there are worse thing sto be obesessive about like cleaning and tidying up (this was an old one of mine!!) Dont get me wrong my house isnt dirty or a dump, but since I dicovered scrapbooking, my house is 'just a little more lived in'!! My dining room resembles an art room between myself and my boys!

Anyway I have a couple more pics for you

My cake - my beautiful scrummy cake!!!!

This picture really makes me laugh- it inda sums up Evand experience of the wedding- stroppy!!!

Right I now have to go shopping at asda ahhhh fun

Thursday, 23 August 2007

Look at my photos:D!!!

My Wedding hair!!!!!!!!!! OHHH I LOVED IT!!! AND I LURVVVEEE THIS PHOTO!!!!

I had my photo cd from my wedding today and i love them. Giselle's daughter Clare Homer took them for us and she is super just a few for now though:D!!
James and his best man look soooooo cool in this pic!!!!

And I just love this one tooooooo!!!!!!!

Oh little bit of news tooo I got my layout in Scrapboook inspirations yeaaaahhh!!! and I woun a prize in the readers gallery am sooo pleased!!!!
Right off to bedfordshire for me!!!

Another sneek peek:)

Just a quick post tonight to show you another sneeky peek!!
I have a headache so am going to snooze in front of my tv tonight:)

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Morning fright!!!

I was woken this morning by the postman hammering on my door alas it was not even a parcel for me:( nevermind Nicola should be pleased with her new hello kitty phone:). I thought to myself as it was earlier than I would usually get up , that I would wash my hair quickly before I childmind. I staggered (you know that bleary eyed stagger!!) in to the bathroom and saw the HUGEST, BIGGEST HAIRY LEGGED SPIDER I have seen in a long time!!! I am not a fan of spiders (actually I am quite terrrified!!) So I called up my 'hubby' James to save me from this beasty!! He was a little shocked at the size too. He calmly removed the spider with a glass and Aerons game. Phew I was glad to see him soar in to the street (the spider not James!!!)

So I had a bath in a spider free bath, got out and wrapped a towel around myself then the door knocked- it was my childminded childs mum 30 mins early!!! I answered the door in my towel appoligising for my lack of clothing, she was bringing her childs things round early as they would be brining Charlie with them in a bit (Charlie is their hamster!!) Anyway I asked for 5 mins just to get dressed!!!

We got our new tv yesterday- I LOVE IT!! We had a lovely evening with a yummy Teohs takaway, a candle lit fireplace and Lord of the Rings movie- my fave!!!

I have got another sneek peek for you from my scrapstudio dt kit- I would definately recomend these kits and if you do spoil your self on one of these yummy kits I would recomend getting the flower add on- these are gorgeous!!!

Right got fairy chores to do and need to go back to the post sorting office (for the 3rd day in a row) for (hopefully) my wedding pics:D:D

Speak later

Sunday, 19 August 2007

Yummy scrapstudio kit:D

Just thought I would show you my lil sneak peek of one of my layouts for this months gorgeous yummy scrapstudio kit. I have got to say I really love the colours of this kit, I have been having
lots of fun:D.

More sooooon.........

Saturday, 18 August 2007

Just a quick hello


Just thought I would pop in and say hi!! I have been so tired today think all the excitment has caught up with me!! I felll asleep on the sofa this afternoon:D (I never do that!!)
Had to show you this pic from the wedding- its not the best as it was taken by my 8 year old son, but it is cool

It just makes me smile:) They did nearly drop me on my head too (hmmmm men!!:D)

This one is of my weeny lil boy, he looked so cute- wouldnt let go of his dummy though!!:D

This was taken in the Pantheon - I just love the roof:D

I need to go and finish my LO now and I will post a peek I promice:D!!


Friday, 17 August 2007

Rome piccys

Evening I thought I would upload a few of the (200 ones we havent deleted!!) piccys we took in Rome!! We didnt have anyone to take pics of us together so we had to manage to take pics of both of us ourseves (so not too many of them!!)

This me and my handsome husband!!!(He hates me calling him that- he said it makes him sound old!!!! It is odd though!!)

A refreshing dip in one of Romes many fountains, walking back from the colloseum (it soothed the blisters!!:D)

A wall inside the colloseum (you can so tell I love textiles- cant you- hmmm)

James shades in front of Largo di Torre Argentina (I think from where it was on the map) This was a very interesting site as you had such modern bulidings surrounding and cars driving straight passed it, there was also a cat sitting amongst the ruins which I thought was quite amusing!!

I was so nervous to fly, dont ask why though. But as soon as we took off and I could see through the window I was fine. I then started taking photos of the cloud formations which was fantastic, it reminded me of ice formations and a sort of antarctic in the air- it fascinated me!!(Can you tell I havent flown many times!!)
Mandy brought over my new design team kit from her fab 'SCRAPSTUDIO' this afternoon- I love having Mandy around , she can chat just as much as I can- its great!!! My kit is fab!!! I have nearly finished 1 LO will put up a peek tommorrow when I have finished it!!!:D
Right I shall say goodnight, as we have a 9am appointment at the bank to change my name with them- its soo weird being Cleo Jarvis now!!!

Thursday, 16 August 2007

I am back to normal now (well whatever normal is!!!)

I am back!!!! Couldnt believe how cold it was here after being in Rome for just a few days. Rome was about 34 degrees today which was HOT!!! The plane had air conditioning so much so that I had goose pimples!!!:D Trust me, nothing is ever right!!
Anyway... The wedding, we got through the ceremony without a hitch- the registrars were fantastic!! My hair, makeup and photographers were FANTASTIC!! They ended up having to help me get dressed!!!!
Yeah we had all our photos taken including some really fun ones of me being lifted up by all the blokes (that was fun;)). And then came the meal. The room we were eating in is the old courtyard with a glass roof on it. It was baking in there. The food ws fantastic but it seemed to get hotter and hotter!! We had had our 3 courses and speaches were getting ready to be said when I noticed my grandmother (in her 80s ) start to go odd! I jumped up in my huge dress and knocked over a VERy heavy chair making a huge bang, I ran to her table my mum and aunt were fussing around, my other aunt who is a nurse came over and cleared her airways. I ran out in a panic(crying at this point!) shouting I need an ambulance. Anyway she is and was fine, she over heated and had drunk a large glass of wine- she had fainted. It was very funny though when the ambulance paramedics turned up for 'a hyperventolating bride!!!!'- Me never!!!! It did give me quite a fright though!! But I have spoken to her since and she really is fine:)

Right I think I am going to have to go to bed now!!
More travel tales tommorrow!!!

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Having a fabby rome time!!

Just a quick hello, and to say that we are having a fab time in Rome, back tomorrow:( but I will get to see my lovely boys:D It is HOT well hot for me!! Got to go credit nearly up!!!!

Sunday, 12 August 2007

I am back as MRS JARVIS!!!!!


I am back and I am now mrs Jarvis!!! The wedding went fantastically and would have been perfect if there hadnt been a big drama!!(there always as to be a drama whereever I go!!)
Put it like this we had 4 paramedics at my reception!!!!! but will tell you about that when I get back from Rome. We are flying from bristol tomorrow at lunchtime, I am so looking forward to it!!!!

Here are just a couple of pics that my 8 year old son took of us:)

Right night!!!

Friday, 10 August 2007

Wish me luck everyone

Hey I am set now only had 1 little tantrum about my table plan getting squished. More than anything I am feeling tired and run down now. so wont be on for long tonight but here are some sneek peeks of my wedding cake for tomorrow!!

So wish me luck as from 11.30 tommorrow morning I will no longer be Miss Cleo Evans I will be Mrs Cleo Jarvis (that sound sooo weird, I wonder how long it will take me to get used to it??)

Right I am going to get some beauty sleep (I am going to need it:))
Night all

Thursday, 9 August 2007

Picnic fun!!

I met up with some of my scrapping pals today up at blaise castle. It was such a lovely day!! I had to put 2 lots of factor 50 on (I am a little paranoid about sunburn). Poor James has to ferry us up there as my brother Jess was with me. I wandered around the park looking for Elaine and Mel (I didnt know what they looked like though as they are on line friends!) After looking around for a bit I saw them holding a copy of Scrapbook inspirations!!!! It really made me laugh!!! After lots of chatting in the blasing hot sun Ellie arrived then James and the rest of us then Mandy then Ruth (we had lots of kids between us) It was a really nice afternoon will have to borrow a pic of us all from one of them!!!

I did my table plan I am quite pleased with it!!

I had my nails done earlier too so am finding typing tricky!! They are lovely though!! Less than 2 days to the wedding now. I am sooo calm its great!

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day we have to pick up and deliver the cake and other bits for the hotel and pick up all our clothes and have lots of family visits!!!

Stress score today a 2 so goood for only 2 days before the wedding:D

Right James parents will be here in a mo so have to go!!


Tuesday, 7 August 2007

I finished my garter

Hey after hours and I do mean hours of stiching and cramps in my legs I have finished my garter!! It is not what I was expecting- it is not your typical garter nor typical in any way. It is rough and ready!!! Here are a couple of pics

So what do you think?? Is it suitable for a wedding?? James says he like it!!

So stress rating for today- 1 I have had a fairly relaxing day, we cleaned, tidied, took the boys to the dentist, dropped them off to my mate Nicola and met with the registrar. Picked up our wedding rings they are so lovely!! and then had a wander round st nics market looking at the fab clothes and bag stall. I saw a small rucksack perfect for our honeymoon in fusia pink - I nearly bought it when she said if I go to the shop they have ones in patterened designs like cherries so guess where I am going to go in the next few days???

My little bro is coming to stay with us tommorrow eve, he asked if he could come up early for the wedding to see us, I think he is so lovely- he is 15 and a really nice teenager- my boys adore him!!! I will see if he will let me get some pics of him to put up!!

Right tommorrows tasks are looking after 5 kids, cleaning out my friends guini pigs(they are soo cute), getting the boys haircuts, doing a table plan scrapping layout for saturday, getting the shopping (although thats easy as tescos deliver!!) I am sure there are other bits too!!!

Right I think I will go and watch Holby now (I taped it earlier!!!)


Almost a heart attack

My stress score for yesterday would have to be a 7 raising to 10 at about 3pm then back down to 2!!!
We had to get some final bits for the wedding yesterday like chocolate for the table, helium balloons etc and some bit to keep the kids amused!! My boys argued and squabbled and faught against me, and them combined with a busy Asda, started to wind me up!! I just about got everyone out in time to save my sanity!!

We had to go to the hotel to pay them for the wedding, so they happily took my rather large cheque, and everything seemed fine. We then took the boys down to Hengrove play park (where we have taken them for the last 3 days) they were having a lovely time Aeron found a little girl from his class (I susspect a little crush form Aeron!) he was so excited when he saw her he quickly asked me to stop the swing and he ran to her, he was obviously very shy at first, but they soon held hands and ran off together to play! I found them a few minutes later cuddled up in the hammock swing being pushed by a couple of teenage girls. They are so cute together. Aeron asked if she can come over for tea when they are back at school- I said yes:D! Calann built a fort out of sand and water and managed to fill his shoes with water too - hmmm!! And Evan well evan just had a great time running through the water and 'helping' calann!!

I then got a text from my mate helen who is coming to my wedding, saying they couldnt get a room at the hotel for sat, so I said I would try for her! I phoned up and asked the woman on reception if there were any rooms left that we had blocked for the wedding - she said we didnt have a booking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I argued with her that we WERE going to get married there in just a few days time, but she was having none of it. Talk about a brides worst nightmare!!! I started to shout at her that I did have a booking but she didnt want to know, at that point I asked to speak to the wedding co-ordinator- she politely said 'thank you I will put you through' I was almost in tears at this point and almost shouted at Gary (the wedding co) he checked for me and everything is still booked. I want to have words with this 'receptionist' when we go there next!!!! Anyway I booked the rooms for my mates so that is good. After my almost a heart attack I sat on the grass in shock not sure whether to laugh or cry, so I bought a toblerone and a diet coke to 'calm my nerves'!!

I had great fun last night working on my garter. I found all my beautiful silk and did some embroidery on it I have made the garter itself now, and all that is needed is some bling in the form of sequins will post a pic when its finished!!! I also had great fun trying to decide a song ' to walk down the isle ' to and have chosen - Nina simone The look of love. I just love that woman, and I lurve the music!!! The rest of the music for the ceremony will come from my 'Jazz for weddings cd' I love it!!

Right I have to go I have many many fairy chores that need doing.

Sunday, 5 August 2007

New shoes

I went shopping yesterday and got 2 new pairs of shoes they are sooo gorgeous I have to show you some piccys. The red one have such large heels they almost make me normal height:) (I am only a wee 5 ft 3)

I also went shopping for bits for me to make myself a garter (I tried to buy one and none of them were bright enough for me!) I thought I would put my fashion and textiles skills in to action and make my own!! So in to John Lewis I went and bought some feather trim (in turquoise of course!!) some sequins, lace, elastic and lots of turquoise threads:). Right will have to start that project soon as the wedding is in 5 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only thing is I have a bag of raw silk pieces in fucias and turquoise colours and I cant find it:( I have some white silk though so maybe I will use that. I will post a pic of it once I have finished it.

It has been soo hot today , and we had to spend all morning cleaning and tidying (not that it actually looks any tidier or cleaner than it did this morning. I had the funest of fun jobs cleaning the bathroom (we will have lot of visitors later in the week) I bleached everything and I mean everything bang went the lime scale and banished were the germs so if nothing else I have a VERY clean bathroom!!!

I should start a stress scale on my blog just noting how stressed i am each day ok the scale is as follows 1= lovely & calm 10= Ready to be locked up today I would say I am a 2 (the boys argued quite a bit earlier- not too bad though!!)

Right I should go and make coffee and sit with James but he is watching topgear I dont mind it but I like my friend the computer:D. I should go and finish my LO I started the other night when I ran out of herma, luckily when in hobby craft I spotted Emma and Liz, and Liz had a spare in the car- thanks Liz!! I wish I could meet up with my scrapping buddies more, next crop isnt until september, then it scrap camp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am soooo looking forward to that:D

Speak soon

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