Sunday, 11 November 2007

OMG a whole week has passed!!!!

I cant believe it has been a week since I was last on here!!!
Talk about a hectic week!! Jamews had the week off work so we finallly switcvhed the boys bedrooms around!!! It took all week as they both had to be decorated!! But they looookk FAB!!! i am so pleased with them and so are the boys. Aeron and Evan have been playing so wel together with their toys and Calann finallly got his hamster!!! It is lovely to see them so keen in keeping their rooms nice!! James built a fantasic shelving unit for the boys toys will post a pic soon. I made some tiebacks but I cant find any D rings anywhere- any ideas??

I am putting together the advent swap pressies for someone- i just hope she will like it all!! This is such a good idea as I dont get many presseis for xmas and its nice to get something from people who "get" scrapbooking!!!
Anyway back to it

Sunday, 4 November 2007

Well my weekend has been spent clearing the boys bedrooms ready to swap them around!!! Calann is now going to live in the box room and Evan and Aeron are now going to share!! We took them to home base and they chose their own colours Calann chose a very pale green and beigey kinda calico curtains. Aeron chose a pale blue which is great as theroom is quite dark as it is at the back of the house! Aeron said he wanted their bedroom to be pirate themed- sounds fab to me!! I am going to frame my ahoy there layout and put it up in their room. Cal hasnt said what he wanted but he still loves dragons so maybe I will make a dragon layout for him!!

We had a fab time last night at a friend Ruths who put on a fantastic fireworks party, although I didnt get to see many as Evan was quite scared!!! She had a FANTASTIC spread of food, there was something for everyone!!! The boys had a fab time pinching sausages and pieces of salami!! Evan was rather tired and stropy at times while we were there!! So we left around 10 and they fell asleep in the back of the car!!

Oh I have been meaning to put up this months scrapstudios dt stuff on here

This layout is about my friend Sarah- she is into scrapbooking too!! She had been saying for ages that she needed some photos for her layouts and I said I could take a couple of her. So as she came around I spotted these beautiful leaves in the lane next to my house and took some photos there. Amazingly her top matched the whole scene!!!

I was so pleased with all the buttons that came with this kit- I just had to put them to good use!!

Annonymous- sorry I didnt see that thread!! So are you sending to me?? hmm I will have to be a good girl now!!

Friday, 2 November 2007

Its up... its ready!!!

Its up and its here ready to down load - My mini family book!!
Is gonna be a quicky tonight feel llike a zombie!!! Go On what questions??? Fire away, I'm not shy!!!
If your on face book come and say hello!! I love that place!!!
See ya tommozz

Thursday, 1 November 2007


Halloween is always a celebrated time in our house - possibly (by me) more so than xmas!!! We dressed up , made a k9 costume for the cat, carved a pumpkin and walked the streets trick or treating!!!! Great fun!!!
I have finished a layout I have been working on- its called mad house

- demonstrating the chaotic jarvis household!!! I have wanted these Elsie papers for ages and was so pleased when I got the Red velvet kit with these Jack and Abby papers in!! But something that I have just noticed Does Calann look like he is hanging from the tree??? He is meant to be climbing it!!! Let me know if you think I need to rearange it!

My online class is with Mandy, but she e-mailed me and said she been ill, but I am sure she will post it up on her website as soon as she can!

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