Thursday, 31 January 2008

Wednesdays winner is......

Well done :) send me your adress and I shall get these gorgeous rub-ons in the post to you asap:)

Thanks for all the kind comments you have made about my layouts:) I really appreciate it:)

Ok so my kits..........My 1st kit will be up for sale on my blog towards the end of next week, so keep an eye out for it:) All I am going to say is - my 1st kit will be a funky valentines mini book, more details coming very soon:)

Ok so todays prize is................
A K&company vellum quotes book and a Tag pad to match- these are really cute:)
So for a chance to win these just leave me a comment:)

The weather is chaning today - nearly got blown away this morning:P so calann started asking if we took the kitten and the hamster out could we fly them??? well I said yes that could be fun , but quickly changed the subject!!!!

Anyway have a good day:)

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Scrapbooker of the year competition

I am ready to explode with excitement!!! My postie has just been and delivered the latest copy of 'The Scrapbook magazine' and inside are the runners for the 'Scrapbooker of the year comp' and I am on there my three layouts are on there!!!!!!! I screamed when I saw it (Evan is looking at me rather oddly!!) Oh my god I had forgotten all about it, I am soooooooooooo happy:D (I am doing a little victory dance) and am super hyper!!!!!:)

These are the 3 layouts that I sent to them
Ok I will try and calm down:D

So Tuesdays winner is Gem thank you for your comment, e-mail me your address and I will get your goodies out to you asap:)

OMG I am sooooooooo hyper right now:D anyway todays giveaway is.........
Hambly screen prints RUB-ONS these are soooo gorgeous in metalic teal. so If you fancy a chance of getting a sheet of these gorgeous designs, then just leave me a comment:)

I think I am going to go and clean my house with all this fab energy (a waste I know but If I add some loud funky music in to the mix it should be fine:)

Have a good day:D

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

And the lil felt birdies are winging their way to ........

Hannah scrapper!!!!!!
Well done hon, just send your address to and I shall get them in the post to you:)

Todays giveaway is gonna be a ..........'Lippy Chick flap book'
As always just leave me a comment and you will be in with a chance to win:)
I have been working on my blog header, I am not much of a digi scrapper but I am impressed with what I have done (bit of a digi scaredy cat here) I am sure it will be tweaked to death but for now it matches my blog:)
Oh I bought some 2 scoops the other day, think I will have to have a play with this later.

My house is a little undomesticated at the moment. My scrapping stash is growing rapidly, and I SOOOO need to sort through it all!!!

Mandy- I have cleared all the 'recycling' in my front garden (well I have made it all neater) you should have seen the look on her face!!! I recycle plastics but only take the bottles to recycle every few months, and she complained!!! lol ha ha ha!!! Oh and I have corrected my spelling mistakes, please check this post and get back to me with any mistakes please :D lol!!!!!

Anyway got to pick up kids soon so have a good Tuesday!! and leave a comment for a chance to win:)

Monday, 28 January 2008

Dah dah

Ok here is the layout, do youthink its the first wedding layout to feature the word 'ARSE' I am so now in love with grunge board and wings :) .

Thank you to everyone who left comments here, I am pleased withh your reactions to my kits more news coming soon:)
ok so Sundays winner is (names popped into a hat and drawn at random by my 3 year old son) is.............'Whoopidoo' well done hon:) e-mail me you address and I will get it sent to you asap:)

So todays giveaway is a pack of Jenni bowlin felt shapes- includes 6 birds and 6 wings- these are sooo cute (see pic) so just leave a comment here on my blog for a chance to win these cute lil birdies:)Anyway I also promised you a challenge, the prize for this is- The 'designing with details' book from Autumn leaves, this book looks fab, packed with lots of ideas and inspiration.
I have called my blog and my kits undomesticated, because I dont like things to tell me what to do (ie to cut in a certain way or sew in a particular pattern) I also like to make my pages humerous, to have fun whilst I am doing it, which for me is very important
The challenge is......................... To do an undomesticated scrapbook page. Take the word UNDOMESTICATED as inspiration, and show me where this leads you:)
The closing date for this is Monday 11th February 2008 send me a link to your online gallery or e-mail me an image of your layout.

Have a good day:)

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Really good day

I had such a great day yesterday, I went to my crop and had such a laugh with Jayne (she is as crazy as me) oh and congrats Jayne on becomming an auntie:). I had this beautiful wedding pic of me and James and started a layout then I was shown grungeboard then Jayne forced some wings on me oh and 2 crowns, next thing I knew the wings and crowns were on my layout making us look like a king and queen, anyway I couldnt think of a tiltle so the girls came up with ROYAL FAMILY - MY ARSE!!! That was it then we were giggling, and guess what the layout is called??? yep you guessed it....... (pic coming soon)
Me and James had a babysitter last night so we went for some food at Oriental express- this was lush eat as much as you like , spring rolls, crispy seaweed, crispy pancakes, s&s sauce and then pudding.... pancakes with deep fried icecream- oh my god this was soooooo lush!!! Try it- yum!!!

We then went to see sweeny todd, who can resist such a man like Johnny Depp even if he is a mass murdering psychopath, oh how I loved the film!!! and it is musical too you cant go wrong!!!
I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on resdesigning my blog - I am bored and want to make it more me, any ideas welcome......

Anyway I have spoken about some goodies I have to give away thanks to Mandy Parr:)
So anyway over the next week or so I will be giving a gift a day to someone who leaves me a comment I will also be setting a few challenges for you, Todays giveaway is for some MME Bohemia flowers (this includes 2 croched flowers and one big fabric flower as in pic below)
Anyway I have some news:) I am going to be starting my own page and project kits called 'Cleo's undomesticated scrapping kits' but more news on that soon:) (I would be greatful for any comments or suggestions you have on this idea)
Right I am going to get on with my day it is soo lovely out there we are going to take the kids out (may take my friend my camera too:)
have a good day

Friday, 25 January 2008

This is sandy

This is Calanns hamster Sandy, she is sucha friendly little thing. Despite Noodles greatest efforts to try and get her , she remains with the upper hand (he climbs on hop of her cage , so she nibbles his toes) it is so funny to watch the 2 of them (obviously not unnatended) I took her out one day and left noodles in Cals room , so he put 1 paw in the cage then 2 paws then the 3rd then climbed in, I cant tell you how funny it was. I am going to set him up for a photo shoot I think , just imagine it:)
Anyway I am off to stroud with mandy today to go to paper arts and a fabric shop, I love shopping , but I must bee good (its crop day tomorrow too). I am also waiting for my order with my kits for the chepstow crop, I am really excited about it now!!!

Anyway have a good day

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Toddler tantrums

I am very pleased with my design for my kit that I have designed for the chepstow crop class in just 2 weeks. I have based it on a valentines theme and am using reds, whites and b&w photos (I just love b&w pics:)!) Cant show you the design just yet, but will put up a sneeky peek once I have recieved all the products.
Evan is now much bettter after his chicken pox and has reverted to his old toddler tantrummmy self (he is not fun atm!!) He wees everywhere!! he keeps saying 'NEVER EVER AGAIN!!!' lol he is hard work but is very funny at the same time. Dont you just love kids???
Going to the modscraps crop on sat- really looking forward to it as I havent been since nov- seems like such a long time ago now, hmmmmm will I actually get anything done or will I just sit and chat (probably the latter)

Anyway I will get back on here soon as I have a giveaway that I am planning:) so keep coming back please!!!

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Oh dear its been a month

Oh I hadnt realised it had been so long- :P oooppps!!
Anyway start a fresh:)
So what have I been up to? Well appart from facebooking which has seriously been taking over my life (if your on it come and poke me:D) I have had some fab offers of scrapbook work. I will be teaching a class at the 'Chepstow pink scrappers crop' on the 7th feb - I am working on that class now, hmmm ideas flowing now:)
I have been on the mod scraps design team for a couple of months too and am gonna share some of my creations on here :) I was so loving making these little gingerbread men cards (the little felt gingerbread man come out of his pocket to be used as a tree deco) though James dad turned around and asked me why a makka pakka???? does it look like makka pakka???!!!Evan has the chicken pox at the moment poor lil man he is really covered!!!
Me and James had the weekend to ourselves last week, we went away to a wedding which was fab:)
anyway here is another layout I have done for my wedding album:). this pic of my sister my bridesmaid really makes me laugh- why the monkey bars rox???

Anyway I will be back tomorrow:)

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