Monday, 29 September 2008

Artcards crop

Everyone at Sat's Artcards 12 hour crop!!!

Saturday was fab - Great company, venue, cakes and shop !!!
Unfortunately I was having one of those days where I couldn't remember my words!!!! Not good when your teaching!!! So I hope everyone understood me!! :D!! I taught 2 classes a cute and very pink mini book (I will show you a pic asap!!) and this layout.
The day went so quickly, but I really do have to mention the cakes - wow what cakes made by Pippa and Karen's mum (mmmmmmmmmmmmm, drool , mmmmmmmm) Chocolate Viennese fingers that melt in the mouth !!! wow!!!! Karen your mum is such a fantastic cook, and those Peanut butter bites (made by Pippa) were truly yummmmsious!!! Hmmmm I think I gain a stone in weight at that crop!!! But it would have been rude not to sample them (and I am so glad I did!!!!!)
I want to say a big thank you to Karen and everyone for having me there and putting up with my lack of words!! (and my constant rambling on!!)

I am working on the kits as we speak so as soon ass I have batteries for my camera (some little person has pinched them and put them in the wii remotes!!) I will take some sneak peeks.
Have a good day

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

A sort out

Today I had to sort out some of my stash - as the mountain has grown and over taken!!! Arrrgggghhh I spent around 4 hours just trying to sort my patterned paper and cardstock!!! Embellies will have to be done next time!!! I found so many ranges of paper that I haven't got around to using yet!! I realised that I haven't scrapped for myself for ages- and am unlikely too ATM- I have a long list of projects that I am really excited about!!! In october I will be going on a Lushalishous retreat with the lushalishous sg on uks!! I cant wait to meet all the girls!!!!
This Saturday I will be teaching at the Artcards 12 hour crop in Somerset, which I am really looking forward too- I will put a couple of extra sneaks on this week to show you :)
Ohhhhhh I finally got to watch the Sex and the City film last night- Fab fab fab!!! What more could a girl want- watching a chick flick, eating chocolate and scrapbooking!!!!

Monday, 22 September 2008

Classes at Bellabooo

I have to say that I had a fab time at the Bellaboo birthday bash. Liberty is so fun and friendly as are her sisters (how fun it must be to have the whole family scrapping). The day went so quickly- I left Bristol at 6.58 and had to go to Newport to change trains to get to Bromsgrove!! (seemed silly to me but hey that's what my tickets told me too do - and who am I to argue with tickets???) The second train was full of me - I mean FULL, all drinking beer at 8 am!!!! And prooowwwwwing to anyone female walking passed them , They were behaving - I just found it quite awkward being there!! I just put my MP3 player on to the Ting Tings and buried my head in Jane Austins Pride and Prejudice!!- I have wanted to read this book for years, and have now been promted by Lost in Austin - which I love !!!! Ahhhh Mr Darcy in the water - Swwwwwwooonnnnnn !!!
I taught 3 classes - a mini book , a canvas and a layoutEveryone was so friendly and welcoming :) I love seeing peoples own versions of the classes!!
Anyhows I had to leave in rather a hury to catch my train back - so sorry if I rushed you all :)
But I can back just in time to watch the Merlin program with my boys!!! and then ordered our sat night curry - yummmmmm !!!

I have been working on my kit and I can say that its going ot be a double project kit with a mini book and a layout- keep watching :)
Right I have to go and pick up my little Evan from school

Monday, 15 September 2008


I was so excited last week to recieve my copy of the scrapbook magazine- which had my 1st paid commission!! There ias something really exciting about seeing your work in print!! I know Liberty from Bellaboo was just the same :)!!
Talking about Bellaboo- I will be teaching for them in under a week!! I wanted to show one more sneek peek of the mini book I will be teaching!!

Evan starts school tomorrow - I cant believe it!!! Anyhows have a good day

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

More sneek peeks :) - I bet your fed up of me saying that!!!

I have some more sneek peeks for you :) This one is for the mini book class for Artcards
And this one is a sneek of the inside of the mini book for the Bellaboo birthday Bash!!! woo hoo its so close now I cant wait!!! I am getting some mini photos printed today for this mini book (3x2 and possibly in b&w)
The boys will be going back to school on friday (silly day to go back on if you ask me!!) so hopefully I should be able ot get myself together to write up all the instructions for these projects- by the time the boys go to bed at the moment my brain is a bit like mash potato!!- not good for instruction writting!!
Also I am waiting for a delivery with my yummy stash for my september kit- I will let you all know when it is ready!!!

Starting tonight is that Lost in Austin program which I am sooooooooo excited about (I know its sad) but I loovvvveeeee Jayne Austin programs - so am hoping this will be good too - oh and who do you think you are - spoilt for choice tonight (I think maybe I am a walking tv guide)

I have to wait in this mornig for my new laptop- I have become thouroughly fed up of waiting for my 'TURN' on the pc- I have things to do on here you know- rather than just playing games- like talking to my friends :)!!!! Oh well thats what I tell my boys!!!
Right I have to go have a coffee to really perk up for the day!!!!
Have a good day!!

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