Saturday, 28 July 2007

Just knackered today

I am so tired right now. We walked the boys into town and around and through the harbour festival and back and I am exhausted, the boys still seem to be hyper and bouncing off the walls though. I wish I had their energy!!!!

Saw my wedding ring today and I really love it! Its really pretty. James' ring had to go back as it was too small. We should have them both back by next week though.

I just loved the new Harry Potter film the other night, considering not much happens it was a really good film, cant wait for the next one!!!!

I have ordered some flock for my scrapbook pages- cant wait to play with it!!!

Right back to the boys tea!! (I always seem to post at tea time!!!)

Thursday, 26 July 2007

Arrrgggghhhh its the school holidays!!!!!!!!!

Oh my god I cant believe its that time of year again where I am driven mad for 6 whole weeks arrrggggghhhhhh!!!!!!!! The boys started fighting and bickering by 9 o clock this morning!!! And have pretty much carried it on all day!!!

I have been trying to sort out some things for the wedding getting cheques ready to send etc. Also having a small dilema about my music, hmmmm Right I need 2 songs to be on before I make my grand entrance and one for me to 'walk down the isle' to and another 2 to sign the register. My mate Nicola and I were trying out some of my gwen stefanni music- I sooo wish I had the guts to walk down the isle to 'Wind it up' that would be sooo cool and I think I would have to dye my hair aswell then to fuscia pink, but I am trying to keep it simple as I dont want everyone the think I am a complete escentric nutter (they probably think that already though hmmmmm)
I want to do a pre wedding layout about my head spinning with ideas hmmm will have to be another night as we have a abysitter tonight so we are either going to see harry potter or the simpsons - hard choice.
Right back to the boys tea
Speak soon

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

I am Guest designer!!!!!

Ok I realise that I have not posted here for about 6 ish weeks- nevermind will have to start again!! Its now under 3 weeks to the wedding I have had my hen night with some giirls I went to school with , it was really fun meeting up with them as I havent seen them for about 3 years!! James went away last weekend for his camping stag weekend. I was soo glad to have him back!!!
I am this months guest designer for the mod scraps kit!!!! I was soo happy when Mandy asked me:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D!!!!! I sooooo love scrapping!!!!! I have made so far 3 cards, 3 Layouts and a really fun (if I do say so myself!!:D) little mini book!! I love having a kit to play with!!!
I also recieved some fab books that I ordered from america- Autumn Leaves freestyle and oodles of doodles. There are some fab things in there. I am just loving anything fun at the moment!!
Right time to make the boys tea!!

Please come and sign my guest book

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