Wednesday, 30 April 2008

May kit!!!!!!!!!

Ok ok so I said it was coming:) here is the sneek peek , the kit will go on sale verrryyyyy soon so watch this space:) so who fancys a revolving photo circle layout????? Thats all I am saying for now though!!!!

Thursday, 24 April 2008

More photos

I have been busily trying to get my pics sorted for this weeks module for the PWL course I am doing. I have been really challenged by this module- A frame within a frame well I have tried very hard to get some half decent photos (despite lack of sleep due to children and kitten!!!)
So these are my final 3 for this week, but I also have to show you this one that I took of my gorgeous (but very squeeky, she purrs like a baby dinosaur from jurrassic park) baby girl Buffy:) She is ssssosososoososooooooo cute:) I cant wait to scrap this pic:) .

Watch out for a snnek peek of the may kit within the next coulple of days:)
Hvae a good day:)

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Shes here!

Oh my little baby girl kitten is here!!!! She is soooooo cut and I have regretably changed her name to 'BUFFY'!!! She is a fiesty little thing:) Her and Noodles havent hit it off shall we say (well they hiss growl and spit at eachother!!) She has been exploring everything and even managed to get outside , by climbing through a very small hole in the wall (for venting!!) I think Buffy will fit in well here!!

Here are a few pics of the lovely ball of fluff!!!!!!!!!! She has got the longest white whiskers and eyebrows I have ever seen on a kitten
Noodle and Buffy have been doing this all day a eachother, I have been trying to get some pics but they are just too quick:)

We have been doing the garden again:) We have half the earth level now so , still got plenty more to do before we can turf it, but I can wait!!!

Evan starts nursery tomorrow so I am going to have the day to myself- I am trying to promice myself it wont be spent doing the dreaded fairy chores!!!!!! but crafting all day:D!!!!! yeeeyyyyyaayyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!! Woo hooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

Its cyber crop weekend next weekend and also the modscraps crop at which I am going to be teaching my class:) I really hope my cyber crop class goes down well- its one of my funny ones!!!!!
Anyway I think I may have a takeaway on the way yeayyyyyyyy!!
Have a good evening:)

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Photos Photos Photos

It seem to be the only creative thing I can do with all my boys around, and also doing the Painting with light course. Here are some pics I have been taking, these 1st 3 are for my texture module.....
James and the boys at a really cool castle in Cornwall
Teddy bears picnic anyone?????

Shamboo sheep (Nicolas lil pal) and upsy daisy at yeaterdays picnic:)
Anyway got to go, have a good day:)

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Nicky Knack Noo!!

Well I have finished my layout I started it before I went away. I have been back to basics with this and started with a piece of 12x12 chipboard. I then pasted Newspaper strips with watered down pva (I havent done this for such a long time) then loads of layers of acrylic to build up texture. Then neat pva drizzled all over and then dry brushed this with acrylic. I love the texture
I had to work on this layout as It was about Nicola dressing up from a few weeks back. I used papers from the studio calico kit I had just recieved:) This was really fun to make but took a loooong time:)

This layout was started at the crop a few weeks back but is now finished too:)

Right I gotta go I have a ton of fairy chores to do and 5 kids to keep in check:)
Have a good day

Sunday, 13 April 2008

I'm back:) and I am armed with hundreds of photos!!!

Well I am back after a week in Cornwall, and I am knackered!!!!!!

We had a good time and the weather mainly stayed dry however it was BLOODY FREEZING during the nights (James keeps saying dont exagerate ) but it was!!!!!!!!

The first night we slept with a winter duvet over us, the second night we slept with the winter duvet and a summer duvet over us , the 3rd night we had a sleeping bag and the two duvets over us!!!!)

The boys had to wear jumpers , socks and extra t-shirts to go to bed as well as their sleeping bags and duvets. By the second day I had a cold!! GRRRRRRR!!! We thought we would go and warm up in the 'heated' pool for a swim surprise surprise the heaters werent working GRRRRRRRRRR!!!! And the showers were luke warm and a trickle GGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! Can you tell I was a little peeed off????

Anyway apart from that we had a really good time, we went to the beach, a seal sanctuary, a couple of castles, a blue reef centre, a scrapbook shop (yes I found one and stocked up on magazines for the evenings ahead) The Eden project where I bumped in to an old friend (which was really cool) oh and Lands end where we went to the Dr Who museum:)

James had to take a pic of me with the statue:) and then you have to guess who is who in this one (James idea of a joke~!!!!!!!!!!)
Anyway enough of photos I have been working on a layout that seems to be taking me forever so I am off to have another bash at it:)
Have a good evening:)

Friday, 4 April 2008

Off we go

Right we are off very soon so I will not be posting anymore kits until week sat (12 apr)
I sent out 4 kits this morning so hopefully you should all get them in time:)

If you e-mail me I probably wont be able to answer you until I am back , I have taken down the buy it now buttons for the march and april kits, but if you want you could send me an e-mail to order one if you like and I will sort it all out when I am back:)

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Charity shop

I went in my local charity shop yesterday (I love looking through nic nacs) and the woman behind the til said to me 'I was thinking about you yesterday' I looked at her worridly and said 'Why?' and she told me about a bag of necklaces and beads that were all tangled up, and she couldnt be bothered to sort them all out. So she thought I may like to buy them (I must be known for my crafting!!) So for £2 she handed over a bag of bits. I got them home and started sorting through them (there was a lot of tat) but some lovely bangles and broches were in there. So down comes Nicola and starts trying them on - we were like a couple of school girls giggling so heres a pic of what she looked like after she had dressed

She is going to kill me:P but hey she said I could do a layout with the pic (the ideas are there and ready to be layoutised!!!!
I had my hairsut this morning and it feels lovely - all soft and neat- well that should last until I pick Evan up (so 11.30)
Anyway have a good day:)
And mr Blades you are a Drongo!!!!!!

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