Monday, 31 March 2008


I was given this link by Jayne , it so cool

I make one of these really cute birds there are quite a few to choose from too:)
I have put a few new buttons up at the top right hand side of my blog the PAY NOW buttons are to make your buying my kits easier for you:) all you have to do is click the button and buy that kit:) If you would like to buy multiple kits, please e-mail me so I can discount the postage for you :)
Also there is a box to subscribe to news about my kits, this will only be about once a month- you will not be bombarded with spam from me:)!!!!
Anyway I have a mountain of washing to catch up on before we go away on friday:) This is gonna be fun:(!!!! (the washing not the holiday)
Have a good day:)

Friday, 28 March 2008

Aprils family canvas project kit

Family Canvas Kit

Yep its ready, I have been putting all the kits together (my mate Nic helped too- thanks Nic)
Each kit costs £12 and P&P will be £2.50 in the uk If you woudl like to buy one of the april kits please click on the Paypal buy now at the right hand side of my blog or e-mail me on

(Imaging this being said in a soft and soothing voice) 'Have you ever wanted to make an scrapbook for your wall???? If yes, then nows your chance. This canvas layout also doubles up as a scrapbook album. Wow your family and friends with an unusual piece for your wall.' (ok ok I shall stop now as I am starting to sound like a complete Drongo :):D:):D and I also need to stop laughing:)!!!!!)
Kit Contents

Full colour instructions
A Canvas
4 Fabby Dream street Birdie bits papers
Bottle of red acrylic paint

Lots of ribbons (7 different sorts)
2 Hinges
Foam pads
Embroidery thread

Red brads
A die cut black cardstock alphabet

This kits includes everything you need to make this canvas project (ok well I dont supply tools:)!!!) Please e-mail me on if you would like to buy one.
Have a good day:)

Tuesday, 25 March 2008


I have so never been good with homework although I have done my self portrait It is silly I know but I had to have my name on it, and this was my fave of about 20 odd. I did manage to buy a tripod from argos, it was quite cheap and is perfect for what I want to do:) I am really looking forward to this course as I would love my photos to improve.
I am waiting on a rather large delivery of scrapping stock for my kits I hope it gets here soon, I cant wait to see it all in the flesh:)

James is away with work tonight, I have fed, bathed, sorted all the boys out (and I even put a weeks worth of washing away) and so I am trying to decide what to do- shall I scrap that photo I have been waiting to do, or shall I be good and do things that I should be doing like sorting through stuff?????? Hmmmmmm decisions, decisions:) and I bought a pack of rolos to keep me company:)
Anyway have a good evening:~)

Sunday, 23 March 2008

April family canvas Kit update

Just thought I would let you all know a few details about the yummy april kit:) Above is a pic of the kit contents plus a bottle of red Anitas acylic paint (not shown in pic). This months kit will be £12 & £2.50 p&p. This kit should be ready to be sent out on thursday or friday.

Anyway how is everyones easter going? our has been spent turning over our mud patch ready to lay grass and playing on the Wii we have the Raving rabbids game its sooooo funny. Its a very silly but funny game!!!!

I have got to do my homework for the 'Painting with light' course I have signed up for, hmmm I need to get a tri pod!!!!! Should be fun. I am thinking a funny self portrait with lots of eyelliner( I have just bought a new one!!!)
Anyway have a good day

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Who wants a sneek peek at aprils kit???

Ever wanted to make a photo album for you wall??? Well I have! So aprils kit is going to be just that- a canvas kit with gorgeous dream street papers!!!! Full details coming soon!!!!!!!! This kit will be released in late march as I will be on holiday during the first week of April:) I have to wait in tomorrow to have our washing machine fixed!!! - I hate it when it breaks down its so hard with 3 boys!!!! Its a pain if you have to do the school run though!!!!!
We have booked a weeks holiday in Perranporth in cornwall which I am really looking forward to. It is a haven caravan park which should be fantasitc for the boys:)
Anyway I think I am going to have a nice cuppa now and wait for torchwood!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I love it!!!!)

Sunday, 16 March 2008

OH kittens

I went to meet my new kitten today and she is gorgeous!!! Black with white socks- Her name is Super socks, anyway I havent long got back from swansea so I will post longer tomorrow- maybe with a sneekypeek!!!!

Friday, 14 March 2008

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Spinning and rushing!!!

Do you ever feel that if you rush around any faster your head will fly off???!! I have been rushing since I got up. I was woken at 6.30 yes 6.30 AM by a delivery man knocking at the door- I couldnt believe it!! I ran down stairs trying to grab my keys out of my jeans pocket and answered the door all bleary eyed in my pjs, and he says morning, sorry its so early but at least your in!! so I said dont worry Ive been up for hours!! he said really??? I said NO!!! Well at least I got my parcel!! I then closed the door and went back to bed, then the boys woke up so got no more sleep!!! The little girl who I look after in the mornings came at 8 as usual, I dressed the boys fed them all and tried to sort myself out (ie have breakfast)- Its hard work some mornings!! I took them all to school , and ran down the printers then decided I needed some bits in town so walked down with Evan. I then had to be back at the school for 11.30 to pick up a little boy from the nursery, walked them both home and they argued most of the afternoon- I tried all sort of activities - playdoh , making dens, playing trains, drawing (you can imagine the mess of my house by now) Nicola came over (thank god, and adult to talk to!!) And the day went like that really!!!! I have now sat down, but am cooking tea!!!!
Anyway.................... My parcel contained some fabb bits for my next kit:) Yummy dream street papers - birdie bits!!!- these are just soooo cute!! Aprils kit will be out a little earlier than usual as I will be going away at the beginning of April to a Haven in cornwall- the boys are so excited!!! I am also going to be teaching 2 classes at the may 24th 12 hour crop at paper arts!!!- I am looking forward to this:)
Look what I just bought - ooooops!!!:)

Monday, 10 March 2008

It was from

I bought it in John Lewis for a tenner!!! Jayne you make me laugh, I would love to see you with blonde hair!!! what do you mean bleach???? I am natural peroxcide blonde:D!!!!!!!!!!

What a wet day!!!

I woke twice in the night to the sound of the weather!! The wind was howling down the chimney, and the rain beating at the window!!! The weather amazes me sometimes! I love being indoors in a nice warm dry home whilst the rain is beating down around us!! Creature comforts eh??!!??
I have a fully working deck in my garden now- it looks fab I cant wait to use it , but first we need lo lay some grass on our mud patch so everyhing doesnt turn brown!!!( Imagine the mess of 3 boys playing in the mud!!!) I found such a cool ornament for the garden, Its like a giant Momji doll- I couldnt resist!!!:)

I have now sold out of my feb kit!!
I have the March Cosmo cricket kit in stock.
Here is another pic of the technique file.
If anyone would like to buy this kit please e-mail me on it costs just £8 & £2.50P&P

I also have 2 layout kits that I taught a month back .

This kit contains

1 sheet of white cardstock

1 sheet of Timeless dots paper

1 Full Cherry Arte chipboard alphabet

Burgundy adhesive velvet flowers

Pink adhesive velvet flowers

Length of black ribbon

Buttons (of course!!)

This kit costs £5 and £2.50 P&P

Unfortunately I have fairy chores to do!!! have a good day:)

Friday, 7 March 2008

Its ready!!!!!!!!!!

Here you go- my first double kit!!!
1. Cosmo cricket ‘Be mine’ paper
2.Cosmo cricket ’Cupid’ paper
3.Bazzill Cardstock - Lima Bean
4.Bazzill cardstock - Artesian Pool
5.Bazzill cardstock – Nutmeg
6.Rub on Alphabet
7.Red polka dot Ribbon
8.Turquoise Ribbon
9.Teal Ribbon
10.Lace Ribbon
11.Selection of buttons
12.Piece of felt
13.Text paper
14.Text paper Flowers
15. 2 Velvet flowers
16.Foam pads

This layout 'Best pals' was made using smaller pieces of patterned paper, and embelishments which is a great way to use up all your scraps from you favourite papers.
My second project is a 'Technique File'. Its a perfect sized mini envelope book to keep small records of techniques you learn, and is great when you need a burst of inspiration. It could also be used for photos and journalling:) The kits costs just £8 and £2.50 p&p within the UK ( please ask if you need a price for ouside the uk)

Sorry If I havent been on here much I have been just so busy with the kits and real life!! (Real life does tend to get in the way sometimes!!!)
Last nights class at Chepstow was fab. Kirsty Wiseman, Mandy Parr and myself sat together and had a great time. Mandy and I did get rather silly:) she said I have a hens laugh!!! So does anyone agree??? Have I got a bad laugh????????:( I just cant hold it in!!!:)
Right have a good day:)

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Posting day will be on friday:)

Ok so the compleat kit lists will be up tomorrow with some pics of my projects and I will then be posting out on friday!!! I have been having so much fun with these projects!!!! And I hope you like buttons!!!!!!!!
Tomorrow evening I am going to the chepstow crop to do a class by CD Muckosky, the class looks great and I couldn't resist!!! I just have to find the time to find the photos required for the class!!
I have to go I am childminding one of Evans friends later today, so need to prepare some fun activities, hmmmmm what about banana flapjack????? they love making that!! I love eating it toooo!!:D

Monday, 3 March 2008

A sneeky peek at Marchs' kit

Ok So some of you (ie Jayne and Debbie) are getting impatient and want to know about my next kit, well I can tell you this months is cool!! It is a double kit which comprises of a mini envelope book and a layout, but dont fret that dosent mean I have doubled my price!!!This months kit will be £8 and £2.50 p&p (but if you can collect you wil be welcome to) The kits will be available on thursday morning, so if you would like buy or reserve one then please let me know:)
I have seemed to have not blogged for a few days, where have I been???? Hmmmm you tell me I just seem to be so busy at the moment!!! Hopefully though, things will start to slow down:)
Right talking of things to do I am going to cook our nut roast for tea:) Yum!!!

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