Monday, 17 December 2007

Ok its official I am a terrible blogger!!

Ok so my post have gone down rapidly recently- oooopps!! and what have I been doing in the meantime??? uuuummmmm probably not tht much, there have been birthday parties and xmas parties that I wore a dress to - shock horror me in a dress (this is a very rare ocasion)!! We have been visiting family- always stressful!! but also nice!
got some pic of the boys and santa

Evan (the little one) was so happy to see santa at the resteraunt we went to yesterday. This is officially the best santa in the world!! he really is good!!
Right I have to go and sort my boys out
Promice I will post more often

Sunday, 2 December 2007

Bloody hormones!!!!!

Why are we cursed with hormones!!!!

Ok so it has been a while since I was last on here! I have been feeling a little low lately, and just havent been able to write anything interesting thats going on! I think my hormones have taken over my entire body and have been contoling me!!!!- Arrrrggggghhhh bloody things!!! I think they must be like lil aliens in my body telling me to be a grumpy cow, or screaming banshee, or a howling baby- why do these things take so much contol over me???????? Had some tests done at the docs and it looks like I have PSOS, but it is strange as I have 2ce as many periods as normal and usually you have less with PCOS - I am telling you its the hormones!!!!!!!!

OK Rant over!!!!

I have not been doing much scrapping the last few weeks, but have been sewing lil tree decorations as lil pressies. I have also been making lil buttons out of fimo- lil gingerbread ones- they are sooo cute (even if I do say so myself!!)
Here is the class I taught at the MODSCRAPS crop

It is birthday month in our house Evans was yesterday, then Aerons on the 23rd- and all I can think about is presents and parties!!!

We went to the ss great britain a few weeks back and I think I must have just walked round with the camera infront of my face!! Here are some pics!!

Right I am going to call it a night

Sunday, 11 November 2007

OMG a whole week has passed!!!!

I cant believe it has been a week since I was last on here!!!
Talk about a hectic week!! Jamews had the week off work so we finallly switcvhed the boys bedrooms around!!! It took all week as they both had to be decorated!! But they looookk FAB!!! i am so pleased with them and so are the boys. Aeron and Evan have been playing so wel together with their toys and Calann finallly got his hamster!!! It is lovely to see them so keen in keeping their rooms nice!! James built a fantasic shelving unit for the boys toys will post a pic soon. I made some tiebacks but I cant find any D rings anywhere- any ideas??

I am putting together the advent swap pressies for someone- i just hope she will like it all!! This is such a good idea as I dont get many presseis for xmas and its nice to get something from people who "get" scrapbooking!!!
Anyway back to it

Sunday, 4 November 2007

Well my weekend has been spent clearing the boys bedrooms ready to swap them around!!! Calann is now going to live in the box room and Evan and Aeron are now going to share!! We took them to home base and they chose their own colours Calann chose a very pale green and beigey kinda calico curtains. Aeron chose a pale blue which is great as theroom is quite dark as it is at the back of the house! Aeron said he wanted their bedroom to be pirate themed- sounds fab to me!! I am going to frame my ahoy there layout and put it up in their room. Cal hasnt said what he wanted but he still loves dragons so maybe I will make a dragon layout for him!!

We had a fab time last night at a friend Ruths who put on a fantastic fireworks party, although I didnt get to see many as Evan was quite scared!!! She had a FANTASTIC spread of food, there was something for everyone!!! The boys had a fab time pinching sausages and pieces of salami!! Evan was rather tired and stropy at times while we were there!! So we left around 10 and they fell asleep in the back of the car!!

Oh I have been meaning to put up this months scrapstudios dt stuff on here

This layout is about my friend Sarah- she is into scrapbooking too!! She had been saying for ages that she needed some photos for her layouts and I said I could take a couple of her. So as she came around I spotted these beautiful leaves in the lane next to my house and took some photos there. Amazingly her top matched the whole scene!!!

I was so pleased with all the buttons that came with this kit- I just had to put them to good use!!

Annonymous- sorry I didnt see that thread!! So are you sending to me?? hmm I will have to be a good girl now!!

Friday, 2 November 2007

Its up... its ready!!!

Its up and its here ready to down load - My mini family book!!
Is gonna be a quicky tonight feel llike a zombie!!! Go On what questions??? Fire away, I'm not shy!!!
If your on face book come and say hello!! I love that place!!!
See ya tommozz

Thursday, 1 November 2007


Halloween is always a celebrated time in our house - possibly (by me) more so than xmas!!! We dressed up , made a k9 costume for the cat, carved a pumpkin and walked the streets trick or treating!!!! Great fun!!!
I have finished a layout I have been working on- its called mad house

- demonstrating the chaotic jarvis household!!! I have wanted these Elsie papers for ages and was so pleased when I got the Red velvet kit with these Jack and Abby papers in!! But something that I have just noticed Does Calann look like he is hanging from the tree??? He is meant to be climbing it!!! Let me know if you think I need to rearange it!

My online class is with Mandy, but she e-mailed me and said she been ill, but I am sure she will post it up on her website as soon as she can!

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Last comment

I am so curious who sent the last comment??
Its my birthday- and I have been spending lots of money in on-line shops for stash!!!
Hmmmm there are 2 things I want but I dont know which to go for- A bind it all or a big shot!!! which one???? I have a tag a long , but the big shot will cut through thicker materials hhmmmmmm, and the bind it all will be so cool hmmmmm dilemma!!!
I have had some cool pressies today- 2 dvds- becoming Jane and Mansfield park- I just love period style drama films- ohhh did anyone watch fanny hill on bbc4 Raunchy or what!! I had to close the living room door incase any of the boys came down!!!- It was good though!!
I had a bottle of Leau d issey- love this perfume!! A memory card reader- I have wanted one of these for ages!! A digital photography book - I am really loving photography atm , and a design basics book - its for graphic designers but there are a lot of cross overs in there which could be related to scrapbooking!!! A wooden coffin with a ghost drawn on it!!! (calann has been doing some wood work, and made this for me to hang on the wall- it even has a hook!!!) oh and not forgetting my green and blacks chocolates!!

I have a hectic day ahead I am looking after my friends 3 boys so the will be 6 boys in my house ages ranging from 2-10 OMG lets see how that pans out!!!! Anyway have a good day!!

Saturday, 27 October 2007

real quick

Just a quicky My online mini book will go on on the scrapstudio website tomorrowat some point so keep watching- ok one more sneeky peek

See you there!!

Friday, 26 October 2007

squirly whirly kinda of a day

Don't you hate it when you have one of those days where nothing seems to get done! Well the last 2 days have been like that- The highlight of my day yesterday was fighting my way through adsa trying to get to the tampon isle, whilst trying to stop Aeron from reading 'Tampon' out loud from my shopping list - as I knew what would have come next- 'whats a tampon, whats it for?? etc'
We have also been potty training in this house so have spent half the week following Evan round with a potty and mopping up wee off the carpet- and DETTOXING my house!!!

I have also been on Facebook finding all my old pals!! Its really fun looking from ones friends freinds to their friends, I have found and poked some people I havent spoken to for about 10 years!!
Anyway I am going to drink my coffee and try and make today different!!! hmm what to do!!

Sneek peeks - Here is my sneek peek for my 3rd layout for the october scrapstudio kit

Also this is a sneek peek of the project I am doing for Scrapstudio
This lil project is going live tomorrow for free so you can just download the pdf file and print out
Hope you all like it!!

Right back to my coffee!!

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

just a quicky sneek peek...........

Here are some sneek peeks of this months scrapstudio yummy kit

The colours are very versitile and I am just loving the chipboard swirls!!!

I need to make some food for the kiddy winks- they have already trashed the house today!!!

Right have a good day!!!

Monday, 22 October 2007


I have sent all the RAKS today- but I dont have address for Anita and Louise who wanted flowers- Please e-mail me ladies and I will get your RAK to you!! Also I have 1 ribbon RAk left that will be going to Annie Bellamy!!- Annie get back to me please!!

We had a fab day out yesterday- we went to visit James gran. She lost her husband of 63 years a few weeks back so we all met up and went out for the day to cheer her up. We went to Torquay, and went to the 'Living coasts' to see the penguins. We had lunch at the cafe and surprisingly the food was really good(we have never had great experiences of zoo type cafes!!) but their paninis were lush!!- I had Salmon and cream cheese- YUM!!!

This is Aeron who had been placed on this mine??? by his grandad- he was just giggling!!

This was Calann by the entrance posing for me and for once he has a normal look on his face rather than his normal cheesy grin!!!

Evan did his normal grumpy stropy toddler thang!!! and kept sulking at every opportunity.

I saw such lovely colours thereincluding this sand box which I photographed whilst everyone was kinda looking at me as if to say 'WHY'!!- But I am sure that you will appreciate it!!

I could have taken hundreds of photo yesterday but I ran out of memorycard.

Right I ma going to be a good mummy and make the boys some scrummy tea- I have told them I will make them Sausage mash veg and gravy-YUM . Then I am going to make a GI lasagna for me and James!!- arnt I good (I will probably burn it all though!!!)

Sunday, 21 October 2007

Just a quicky.......

I had so much fun at the crop yesterday- ok so I messed up my Layout I was working on and took it appart in much horror to some of the girls:) But I did get a little project done for a birthday pressie (I cant mention anything incase he reads this:)!!!)

Ellie asked me to be on the Modern scrapbooking design team- You are now looking at the latest member of it!!!

Noodles is fine the vet was happy that the lump wasnt a problem, and that cats just gets these things!!! When he had his jab as Noodles just screetched and scratched the vet- he thought it would be a good idea to castrate him when he is old enough. He thought he was cute when we brought him in(he does look cute!!) and then he swipped!! He is a bit of a wild cat and he LOVES his food- I give his 3 big bowls a day!!

I bought Kirsty Wisemans Digi course here, I think it will help me alot!! I cant wait!!!

Anyway we are going to visit James' grandmother today in Newton Abbot- she is such a lovely woman, James parents are going to be there too- the boys are VERY excited
Right got to go bye!!

Friday, 19 October 2007

Fabulous friday!!!


Evan is so much better now and even slept through the night!!! He is definately more perky now and I took him to cresh this morning which he really enjoyed although he is very tired now!!

Noodles (my lil kitten) has got his last jabs today, so at lastt he will be able to go out soon- he has desperately been trying to escape lately!! I am a little concerned about him though as I have found a lump on his back- Going to ask the vet to check it out for us today!! I hope he is ok- even if he is a devil cat - I now have to sit with a water spray next to me so he doesnt bite me!!!

Anyway Mandy from scrapstudio brought my yummy DT kit last night- If you havent had any of these kits- You must try them Mandy really has a flair for putting a scrumdiddlyumtious kit together- I have even done 1 LO this morning - thats good for me!!

Any way any of you ladies that have won a RAK from me - they will be sent on monday or tuesday- lots to do atm... and if any of you havent e-mailed me your addys please do as I really want you all to have them:)
Right my son os asleep so I am going to watch neighbours!!!

Thursday, 18 October 2007

And the RAKs are going toooooo.........

Right ladies here is the list of people who will be recieving a lil parcel through the post from me....... I have repeated the peopple listed yeaterday too.

Anita, Witchy, and Lousie are getting a lil parcel of Flowers....
Jenny (Sammismum) and Angie are in line for some yummy Velvet papers...
Trudi will be recieving some bottle tops........
Stephanie and Vickie will be recieving a selection of ribbons........
Lynn55, Amelie and Julia will be recieving a bag of buttons each.......
Teresa and Jane (Stargazer) will be recieving some of the glass shapes- I would love to see some creations withe these!!

Right ladies If you could e-mail me you addresses on so I can send a lil parcel to you:)

I think Evan is on the mend now, he is sleeping alot and not having quite so much Calpol.
Right to take the boys to school.......

Wednesday, 17 October 2007


Ok I have had a few takers
Anita- Flowers
Sammismum - velvet
Lynn55 , Amelie, Julia- I will give you all buttons if you want!!!
Ladies can you please e-mail me your addresses so I can send you these in the next few days!!
My e-mail is

Ok i still another 2 lots of flowers that I can give, another velvet, another 2 ribbons, the bottle tops and the glass shapes
just post a comment



As I said the other night I am going to put up a few RAKS as I have far too much stash for one person, If there is something on the list you would like then leave a comment stating what Rak you would like and I will select one person for each item at random.
  1. selection of flowers- felt/paperetc....
  2. some small pieces of velvet paper (these will be big enough for you to make some embellies) I love this stuff!!
  3. bottle tops- I somehow have hundreds of the things!!!
  4. Selection of ribbons
  5. selection of buttons- well I am the button lady!!!
  6. I also have some glass shapes (like droplets that I was given- these are quite cool but I dont know what to do with them, I will put 5 in a pack and aia can do lots of these they are all different colours too

Right that is all that springs to mind right now - I shall add more as I find it- any takers???

Monday, 15 October 2007

My poor Lil man

Well my poor lil man is still feeling under the weather! He showed me where it hurts pointing to one of his molar teeth!! He has hardly eaten today (and that is not like him), so I am making his fave tea- pizza and chips to see if that will tempt him. He has been driking plenty of orange juice though- which is quite good. Whilst he slept this afternoon I tidied my boys pitt sorry I meant bedroom. An hour and a half and a black bag later they have a tidy bedroom!! Shall I time how long it lasts!!

I am going to do some scraping tonight as Ii havent done any for ages and I want too do some new layouts for the comp!

On the happyscrappin forum I am on they have started doing photo promts which sounds great to me so todays is......... BLISS

So this is my bliss for today!

This was me and James in Rome on our honey moon- it was lovely just being us without being mum and dad too. James really does have a susspicious look on his face here , but it was the best one of me!!!

I found all these lil smileys today and I just love em You Go Girl Kitty 2 Black Kitty

Right back to the pizza and chips....... Wales

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Declutter sunday!!


sorry again about my lack of posting here, I blame it on having 3 kids!! Evan (my youngest) is a little under the weather:(. His temperature is up and he is a bit grumpy, red cheeks, I think his back teeth may be coming through! Poor lil lad! We were at ikea last night and they had igloo tents there for a fiver so we bought one for him, so he made himself a bed in there today and watched Finding nemo with the kitten!! soo cute

Aeron is sooo popular he went to 2 parties this weekend AGAIN!! He has been to 2 parties a weekend for the last 3 weekends now- he has a better social life than me!!
Calann has spent the weekend nagging us to let him spend his pocket money!! We eventually gave in and followed him around the shops- well Tescos after Ikea last night, he bought a copy of the Iron Giant- its such a lovely film, and I found a copy of Amelie, which I have never got round to seeing but at 3 squids I couldnt resist, cant wait for a chance to watch it!! James said he fancied seeing it too!! But we have been trying to watch all the Rocky films, as I have never seen them before, and James wants me to see them with him- we have now watched 1+2!!
Anyway my weekend has been spent "decluttering" my kitchen (well the diningroom half) I cant believe the amount of stash I have accumulated in the last year!! I have put most of it into clear plastic boxes so I can see whats in them. So over the next few days I will be putting a few RAKS on here- some things are just too good to throw out!! So watch out for that!!
I am going to have alook through some of my 12x12 papers and sort them out too as I already know what I am not going to use!
This week James bought us a new computer well bits form here and there and built one himself, so whilst I have been "decluttering" James has been "cluttering" up our bedroom!! As we speak our bed has a whole pc on it and the rest of the room is full of the boxes from our new pc!!! Hmmmm and he complains about the mess I make scrapbooking- its never been on our bed!!
This pic was taken a few weeks back and it just makes me laugh- this is Calann at the zoo- it is just so him, he loves being the joker!! the other is of my grandfather- another joker!! considering they are 3 generations appart they are very simular!!!- Just ask my nan!!!

I admit to not doing a single bit of scrapbooking this week- I think my mojo wants a rest!! I think Mandy will be bring my scrapstudio DT kit sometime in the next week- I always look forward to a visit from Mandy- she is just so friendly and chatty!!

I am going to the modscraps crop next saturday, and I am thinking of entering the scrapbook magazines scrapbooker of the year competition- so hopefully may get some done there. Has anyone entered this ? I am a little confused about the sending of the entries do you send your origional layouts?? hmmm may e-mail them!

Right I think I am going to scoff some icecream with my hubby and watch 'Drop dead gorgeous'! anyone else love it??

Ohhh one more thing Elsie flannigan commented on one of my layouts this week I was sooooooo chuffed!!!

Right icecream time!!!


Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Photos and photography

I was sent this fab photo of me with all the scrapcamp teachers and Mandy- I love it!! I cant believe I taught amongst these fabulously talented women!! It was an Honour!!

Kirsty has a fab pic of me on her blog, and she made a lovely comment about me being gorgous- aww you made me blush Kirsty!!!

I really did have a lot of fun over the weekend, and I met some fantastic women- Thank you to all of you who took my classes, I really enjoyed myself, I realise I babbled on through all the classes, hope you all didnt mind too much!
Anyway I wanted to get some practice in with my camera as I didnt take a single pic on the weekend. So I asked my fabby scrapbooking friend Sarah to be a model for me in our back lane!!! Yes I know that sounds like a rather odd and possibly hmmmm place to do a photo shoot but , I saw these fab red leaves from the street and they called to me saying photograph me photograph me !! So I did and am so pleased with the results as was Sarah!! She looks so stunning against them, and was rather envious of her beautiful red and black top!!

I was tagged today by Terrie Farrell now apparently the rules are as so

Here are the rules which you must abide by if you are tagged.
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself: some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them).
4. Let them know they've been tagged by leaving a comment at their blogs

(little scary for me!!) anyway I will give it a go

My Seven random , weird facts

1. I had my first son at 17

2.I dont drink ANY alcohol

3.I have 2 periods a month- yes 2 (evenly spaced too)!!

4.I love smallville- I just love Tom Welling

5.I have a real thing for movie soundtracks- I have ones ranging from the labryinth to chicago to pulp fiction!!

6. I am petrified of spiders

7.My parents and then step parents were all bikers

I am going to tag......




Right I am gonna call it a night now!!

Monday, 8 October 2007

What a fab weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I cant belive how fun a weekend away can be!!!! I have not laughed so much ever. It was fantastic to finally meet people I have spoken to on the forums. I had such a laugh with Chloe who has been called Cleo as many time as I have been called Chloe (talk about confusing) We just decided we should just be Chluuuuur!!

It was amazing to meet the other teachers too- they were all so lovely Jane Dean, Kirsty Wiseman and Maria Grace!!!
This pic was my page frames design for my class.
And this one my bazzil stitchez Lo class
Saturday nights fun and game was so much fun - blind folded scrapping- hmmmm could be fun I still have that paint under my nails and it WONT come off!!!!!!

This was just hillarious we dressed Chloe 2nd in from the right I was giggling the whole night but we did have a super model!!!!!

Right I am going to have a coffee - before I fall asleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Kittens and dogs

Mandy (scrap studio) Parr came over last night with her little dog Martha Bunty. Noodles and Martha met last week Noodles (although only 9 weeks old) showed his domination for his home by arching his back, spitting, hissing, and then SWIPED at Mandy and Martha. Mandy screamed so loud, I couldnt stop laughing at my 9 week old dominator kitten!!!!!! - I told you he was a nutter.

Anyway I am still stressd but happier about this weekend I still have to sort all my stuff I am taking let alone photos!!!!!!!!!!

Anoher pic of Noodles:)

Monday, 1 October 2007

I am Calmer and more prepared

After a headless chicken kinda weekend I think I am now feeling calmer!! Sorry about my moany whingy last post!!!

Anyway I said I would let people going to scrapcamp know what they needed for my classes and here are the lists

Acrylic frame class

1 b&w 4x6 photo (portrait)

Fine tipped scissors
Hole punch/ crop o dile
Brown ink pad
Sticky Foam pads

Bazzil stichez class

1 portrait 4x6 photo

3 landscape 2x3 photos

Paper trimmer

crop o dile or hole punch (but shock horror - no cheese holeing:)

Fine tipped scissors

Brown ink pad

turquoise ink pad

large hole needle

double sided tape


hope this helps if I have forgotten anything I shall let you know asap

I have lots to do this week but I am going to cook James a roast chicken tonight- fair play to him he has put up with so much lately!!!!

Right I am going to get all the sprogladites from school

Friday, 28 September 2007


I am feeling so stressed atm, I have got a mad cat who keeps attacking me- even when I am in bed!!!!!!! Scrap camp is next week but I have so much to do before it happens.

I am in love with the acrylic page frames that I will be using in one of my classes- they are stunning!!!!!! And I love the papers etc we will be using too- I cant wait for this class!!!!!! I will put up class tools etc on here tomorrow (If I get the chance in amongst my sons parties that he has been invited to!! I have never been that popular!!)
I put my LO that I did for last weeks modscraps class on the Basic Grey website and it got in!! I was quite pleased!!

I feel worn out this week I have also got my 2nd period of the month which doesnt help matters (Why do I have 2 periods a month???)
I am going to book an appointment at the hair dressers as I havent had it cut since the wedding- that should help me feel a bit better. Sorry I am having a bit of a moany evening! My nan called me earlier asking me to write a letter to her friend- which I will do but after I have do the other 1000000000000 other things I need to do............. Arrrrrrrggggghhhhhh!!!! think I need some sleep!!!!!! There is just so much going on atm- James has a new job with loads of extra work, the boys are well boys and full of energy, the childminded kids are extras and the kitten is well just nuts!

I think I will leave my rant at that tonight- hope I havent scared anyone off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will put some happy pics tomorrow:)

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Oh so long since I have posted ...............

I cant believe how long it is since I last blogged!!! I have been SOOOOOOOO busy this last week- with my layout for the modscraps crop class - which went rather well and even came up with a new Cleoism- Cheese holing(a technique that makes your paper look like swiss cheese)

Anyway I have been working very hard and am rather pleased with what I have made with this months scrapstudio kit So far I have made 3 layouts, a mini book and a card- and I still have tons left for morehere are a few sneek peeks

I just love the bright colours in ths stripy paper!!

Turquoise - well what more can I say its my fave colour!

Another bright one made with the fab stripy paper
A couple of sneeks of my mini book!!

I attended my husbands grandfathers funeral yesterday, We were all so sad- he was such a lovely man. I really feel for his wife they had been married over 60 years- they were such a fantastic couple.
Any way on a llighter note I cant wait for scrapcamp!!!!!!! I have been talking to Mandy about my classes- Yeeahahhhhhaaahhh ( me excited nahhh:D)
Speak later

Monday, 17 September 2007

The amazing smiling kitten

This pic reminds me

of some of those cards you get in asda with photoshopped animals on them he is just hilarious and nuts!!! He is just bounding around the house today!!!

Sunday, 16 September 2007

meet MR NOODLES.....

This is our 7 week old kitten Mr Noodles!!! Don't you just love his name!!! He was meant to be a girl cat to give me some much needed female company (I live with my hubby and our 3 little boys!!) When we got him home well lets just say he is MALE!!! Nevermind I dont think I am meant to have a female in this house!!! Anyway he is the nuttiest cat I have ever met!!!!! But he is sooooo cute!!! He was watching me scrapbook and trying to steal my ribbons by pouncing on them:D- Nutter!!!
Right I need to sleep now.... more pics of him tomorrow!! I just have to say how much I am loving Kirstys photoshop tips just look at the pic above - it is fab!!!!

Thursday, 13 September 2007

photo editing

I was sent Kirsty Wisemans 'Zyuz it up' tutorials and they are fab the photo on the left is the origional and the right is the on I edited.. It amazes me the difference you get from just a quick edit

another I did was this one of my hubby!!

I have been having lots of fun playing with these- I love the brightness of the colours you can achieve- thanks Kirsty:)!!!
Life is so hectic at the moment between childminding everyday and having a bad cold. I havent got time to think!! I cant wait for next weeks crop at modscraps just to escape the daily grind!!
Right I think I am going to watch some telly now:)

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

I have a cold

its september and I have a cold!!!! been sniffling for days now and its still getting worse. James called me last night and I felt so rotten, I couldnt really talk much!! I did tidy up all my stash though as it had spread accross the dining room- its back in its little corner now!! I need to put a photo up as my blog is looking bare.... hhhmmmmm........

This is Evan dressed as a pirate and fell asleep on my kitchen counter- it was so cute!!!!

Right I better take all these boys to school

Sunday, 9 September 2007

Just a quicky

James has gone away:( I am not used to being without him, so am sadly scrapping lonely in the living room with no-one to talk to... I really should get to bed before I wake up and am not able to sleep tonight... I have been working on a layout entitled 'Inspired by pants!' I set a challenge for my teamies on uks to scrap the most unusual thing that has ever inspired them-... so I chose my pants!!! (They are clean!!)
I am off to bed now

Saturday, 8 September 2007

mad busy mad week

I thought things would be a little easier this week with my 2 big boys going back to school, but It hasnt- I have a new childminded child and I am worn out!!!! I was challenged by Maria Grace abuzman to do a layout about how chatty I am - which I was really excited about and I feel so tired I havent had the energy!! Its has just been such a busy mad week!!!

Went out today with James the boys and another childminded child and walked with them for about 6 MILES!!!!!! it took us about 5 hours. There was an open door day in Bristol which you could visit parts of the city that would not usually be open to the public. So we walked around the redcliffe caves (an underground network of caves that was once used for smuggling) I have wanted to do that for years so I was really pleased to have finally have done it. W e then went to the museum then just walked to various site in Bristol. Whilst walking I bumped into Ellie (Modscraps owner) and we talked about me teaching a class at the next crop!!

I have been planning my scrapcamp classes too- I am really excited about these!!!!:D I have been having a play with tecniques to incorpoate texture into my classes....

Right have to sort house out:(

Monday, 3 September 2007

Back to school.......

I know its awful but I am ready to party at the fact that the kids are going back to school, I love them to bits but I need a little space every now and again. I have had 3-6 children every day for the last few weeks, and I need a little r&r bring it on scrapcamp!!!!! (Ok maybe not r&R but s&c(scrap and chat!!)) So 2 of my lovely boys will be going back to school tomorrow leaving me with only 2 children (what will I do with myself!!)

I finally finished this layout that I have been working on for a week- even James asked have you not finished that one yet, but I was working and working it!! I have machine & hand stitched rubbed (ons), flocked, doodled, inked, and some more doodling....

2 of my boys at western yesterday- arnt they cute:D!!

Right off to bed for me

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