Tuesday, 23 June 2009

The funniest weekend ever...

The Queen of the Shadylands and His Imperial highness
(Roxanne & Edwardo)

My sister Turned 21 last friday (Happy Birthday Roxanne!!!) and instead of having a traditional 21st birthday party she decided to have a 21st fancy dress picnic in Singleton park in Swansea!! Ok I though this may turn out to be funny but I had no idea just how funny!

My Lil Brother Jess went as a Bunny

My other Lil Brother Max went as .....(cant remember his name ) from the Cure

My Husband James went as a Hippy

Lisa was a sunflower
Julia was a Wicked Queen of hearts

I will just show you a few of the scenes that were to be seen by the public!!
My stepdad walking the dog.......

A bit of fire eating........
You can only imagine the looks we had but it was sooo much fun, so much so that I am thinking of holding something myself at some point!! Hehe

In other news ........ We lost our pet hamster Sandy last week- we were all a little sad as she had been a lovely pet to Calann. He kept saying his room was empty without her so he has now got 2 pet Rats- Norman and Derek. They are only 5 weeks old and we cant really handle them at the moment but am hoping they will calm down a little.
Nigel (the Kitten) is now making those wonderful noises that his mum used to make when she was a kitten. He sounds like one of the little dinosaurs in Jurrasic park!!!
I have the Bellaboo July kit all sorted and ready for release on the 1st July- This months kit has the Yummy Fancy pants Delight range.
This was the layout I taught at the Bellaboo crop this month using these gorgeous Girl Friday papers.
Ok ! that turned into a long post lol !!

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Yooooddelele hooooooo

Oh I went quiet didn't I - Sorry about that !! lol
So what have I been up to ????? Ummmmmmm..... making kits , teaching writing newsletters, looking after kittens ummm and loads more that I can fit into my head right now- Oh but Twilight!-

I watched Twilight and LOOOOVVVVEEEEDD it but people kept telling me that the book was better so I bought it. Since having children I have been unable to read a book - I can read articles, magazine etc.. but my contraction just wasn't letting me. Until Twilight -OMG have I loved this book and the next one 'New moon' I have just started the 3rd too!! I love these stories!!, Vampires werewolves etc- and romance - what more could I ask for?? Anyone who knows my taste in films tv etc knows that I am a sucker for Horror, Sci fi, and Romance so these worked soooo well for me!! I am actually really excited about them (as if you couldn't tell!! lol)I have actually surprised myself at how 'into these books ' I have got into these books I even got up early (6 am ) to read on yesterday! I just cant wait for the time I find to read! I haven't been like this for such a long time!!
Anyhow....... I taught a class on Sat- a 3D Tree and a layout I have a couple of the class kits left here -if anyone fancies one they are on sale here

Right I'm off to make tea- Hope you have a good evening :)

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