Friday, 28 September 2007


I am feeling so stressed atm, I have got a mad cat who keeps attacking me- even when I am in bed!!!!!!! Scrap camp is next week but I have so much to do before it happens.

I am in love with the acrylic page frames that I will be using in one of my classes- they are stunning!!!!!! And I love the papers etc we will be using too- I cant wait for this class!!!!!! I will put up class tools etc on here tomorrow (If I get the chance in amongst my sons parties that he has been invited to!! I have never been that popular!!)
I put my LO that I did for last weeks modscraps class on the Basic Grey website and it got in!! I was quite pleased!!

I feel worn out this week I have also got my 2nd period of the month which doesnt help matters (Why do I have 2 periods a month???)
I am going to book an appointment at the hair dressers as I havent had it cut since the wedding- that should help me feel a bit better. Sorry I am having a bit of a moany evening! My nan called me earlier asking me to write a letter to her friend- which I will do but after I have do the other 1000000000000 other things I need to do............. Arrrrrrrggggghhhhhh!!!! think I need some sleep!!!!!! There is just so much going on atm- James has a new job with loads of extra work, the boys are well boys and full of energy, the childminded kids are extras and the kitten is well just nuts!

I think I will leave my rant at that tonight- hope I havent scared anyone off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will put some happy pics tomorrow:)

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Oh so long since I have posted ...............

I cant believe how long it is since I last blogged!!! I have been SOOOOOOOO busy this last week- with my layout for the modscraps crop class - which went rather well and even came up with a new Cleoism- Cheese holing(a technique that makes your paper look like swiss cheese)

Anyway I have been working very hard and am rather pleased with what I have made with this months scrapstudio kit So far I have made 3 layouts, a mini book and a card- and I still have tons left for morehere are a few sneek peeks

I just love the bright colours in ths stripy paper!!

Turquoise - well what more can I say its my fave colour!

Another bright one made with the fab stripy paper
A couple of sneeks of my mini book!!

I attended my husbands grandfathers funeral yesterday, We were all so sad- he was such a lovely man. I really feel for his wife they had been married over 60 years- they were such a fantastic couple.
Any way on a llighter note I cant wait for scrapcamp!!!!!!! I have been talking to Mandy about my classes- Yeeahahhhhhaaahhh ( me excited nahhh:D)
Speak later

Monday, 17 September 2007

The amazing smiling kitten

This pic reminds me

of some of those cards you get in asda with photoshopped animals on them he is just hilarious and nuts!!! He is just bounding around the house today!!!

Sunday, 16 September 2007

meet MR NOODLES.....

This is our 7 week old kitten Mr Noodles!!! Don't you just love his name!!! He was meant to be a girl cat to give me some much needed female company (I live with my hubby and our 3 little boys!!) When we got him home well lets just say he is MALE!!! Nevermind I dont think I am meant to have a female in this house!!! Anyway he is the nuttiest cat I have ever met!!!!! But he is sooooo cute!!! He was watching me scrapbook and trying to steal my ribbons by pouncing on them:D- Nutter!!!
Right I need to sleep now.... more pics of him tomorrow!! I just have to say how much I am loving Kirstys photoshop tips just look at the pic above - it is fab!!!!

Thursday, 13 September 2007

photo editing

I was sent Kirsty Wisemans 'Zyuz it up' tutorials and they are fab the photo on the left is the origional and the right is the on I edited.. It amazes me the difference you get from just a quick edit

another I did was this one of my hubby!!

I have been having lots of fun playing with these- I love the brightness of the colours you can achieve- thanks Kirsty:)!!!
Life is so hectic at the moment between childminding everyday and having a bad cold. I havent got time to think!! I cant wait for next weeks crop at modscraps just to escape the daily grind!!
Right I think I am going to watch some telly now:)

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

I have a cold

its september and I have a cold!!!! been sniffling for days now and its still getting worse. James called me last night and I felt so rotten, I couldnt really talk much!! I did tidy up all my stash though as it had spread accross the dining room- its back in its little corner now!! I need to put a photo up as my blog is looking bare.... hhhmmmmm........

This is Evan dressed as a pirate and fell asleep on my kitchen counter- it was so cute!!!!

Right I better take all these boys to school

Sunday, 9 September 2007

Just a quicky

James has gone away:( I am not used to being without him, so am sadly scrapping lonely in the living room with no-one to talk to... I really should get to bed before I wake up and am not able to sleep tonight... I have been working on a layout entitled 'Inspired by pants!' I set a challenge for my teamies on uks to scrap the most unusual thing that has ever inspired them-... so I chose my pants!!! (They are clean!!)
I am off to bed now

Saturday, 8 September 2007

mad busy mad week

I thought things would be a little easier this week with my 2 big boys going back to school, but It hasnt- I have a new childminded child and I am worn out!!!! I was challenged by Maria Grace abuzman to do a layout about how chatty I am - which I was really excited about and I feel so tired I havent had the energy!! Its has just been such a busy mad week!!!

Went out today with James the boys and another childminded child and walked with them for about 6 MILES!!!!!! it took us about 5 hours. There was an open door day in Bristol which you could visit parts of the city that would not usually be open to the public. So we walked around the redcliffe caves (an underground network of caves that was once used for smuggling) I have wanted to do that for years so I was really pleased to have finally have done it. W e then went to the museum then just walked to various site in Bristol. Whilst walking I bumped into Ellie (Modscraps owner) and we talked about me teaching a class at the next crop!!

I have been planning my scrapcamp classes too- I am really excited about these!!!!:D I have been having a play with tecniques to incorpoate texture into my classes....

Right have to sort house out:(

Monday, 3 September 2007

Back to school.......

I know its awful but I am ready to party at the fact that the kids are going back to school, I love them to bits but I need a little space every now and again. I have had 3-6 children every day for the last few weeks, and I need a little r&r bring it on scrapcamp!!!!! (Ok maybe not r&R but s&c(scrap and chat!!)) So 2 of my lovely boys will be going back to school tomorrow leaving me with only 2 children (what will I do with myself!!)

I finally finished this layout that I have been working on for a week- even James asked have you not finished that one yet, but I was working and working it!! I have machine & hand stitched rubbed (ons), flocked, doodled, inked, and some more doodling....

2 of my boys at western yesterday- arnt they cute:D!!

Right off to bed for me

Saturday, 1 September 2007

Exciting news!!!

I think I am now safe to be able to announce that I am going to be teaching at scrapcamp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Can you sence my excitement!!!) I have been talking to Mandy about my classes I am very excited!!!

Anyway I finished a layout last night - it for my uks team challenge we were asked to scrap about our hand bags!!!! I have to say I was a little disgusted with all the c**p I found in my bag, everything from sand to dummies and well everything!!!

I am so proud of my sunflowers, I grew them from seeds that came from last years sunflowers I think they are soo pretty .... What do you think??

I even managed to catch a bee on this one- I did ask and he said I could put his pic up on the internet so here he is its bee!!!!

Right hmmmph I have fairy chores awaiting:( but I am going up to paperarts this afternoon:) so that is a saving grace

Have a good day

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