Sunday, 11 November 2007

OMG a whole week has passed!!!!

I cant believe it has been a week since I was last on here!!!
Talk about a hectic week!! Jamews had the week off work so we finallly switcvhed the boys bedrooms around!!! It took all week as they both had to be decorated!! But they looookk FAB!!! i am so pleased with them and so are the boys. Aeron and Evan have been playing so wel together with their toys and Calann finallly got his hamster!!! It is lovely to see them so keen in keeping their rooms nice!! James built a fantasic shelving unit for the boys toys will post a pic soon. I made some tiebacks but I cant find any D rings anywhere- any ideas??

I am putting together the advent swap pressies for someone- i just hope she will like it all!! This is such a good idea as I dont get many presseis for xmas and its nice to get something from people who "get" scrapbooking!!!
Anyway back to it


Anonymous said...

Santa's got a message for you in the chat thread...looks like Cleo has been a good girl....but does Santa know anything about scrapbooking? Hmmmmmm we'll have to wait and see, won't we!!! Well Santa hopes you like your pressies anyway!

Julie c said...

D rings - try haberdashery stalls/shops/ebay?? or failing all that - get yourself some book rings!!!!!!!! They will do the same job for you hun :)

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