Monday, 17 December 2007

Ok its official I am a terrible blogger!!

Ok so my post have gone down rapidly recently- oooopps!! and what have I been doing in the meantime??? uuuummmmm probably not tht much, there have been birthday parties and xmas parties that I wore a dress to - shock horror me in a dress (this is a very rare ocasion)!! We have been visiting family- always stressful!! but also nice!
got some pic of the boys and santa

Evan (the little one) was so happy to see santa at the resteraunt we went to yesterday. This is officially the best santa in the world!! he really is good!!
Right I have to go and sort my boys out
Promice I will post more often

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jay670120 said...

we were in the queue for santa at the mall just b4 xmas and got to the front...A elf popped out and said can you try and not let your kids look back as Santa is being rushed to hospital and it might frighten them!!!!! Lol
The ones before us were approx 3 13yr old girls all talking about posing for the camera !!!! Think they gave santa a heart attack.
Luckily the real santa stepped in(he was real never had a fake beard) and took over he was fab but my little girl wouldnt even look at him (after all that waiting)xxxx

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