Sunday, 2 December 2007

Bloody hormones!!!!!

Why are we cursed with hormones!!!!

Ok so it has been a while since I was last on here! I have been feeling a little low lately, and just havent been able to write anything interesting thats going on! I think my hormones have taken over my entire body and have been contoling me!!!!- Arrrrggggghhhh bloody things!!! I think they must be like lil aliens in my body telling me to be a grumpy cow, or screaming banshee, or a howling baby- why do these things take so much contol over me???????? Had some tests done at the docs and it looks like I have PSOS, but it is strange as I have 2ce as many periods as normal and usually you have less with PCOS - I am telling you its the hormones!!!!!!!!

OK Rant over!!!!

I have not been doing much scrapping the last few weeks, but have been sewing lil tree decorations as lil pressies. I have also been making lil buttons out of fimo- lil gingerbread ones- they are sooo cute (even if I do say so myself!!)
Here is the class I taught at the MODSCRAPS crop

It is birthday month in our house Evans was yesterday, then Aerons on the 23rd- and all I can think about is presents and parties!!!

We went to the ss great britain a few weeks back and I think I must have just walked round with the camera infront of my face!! Here are some pics!!

Right I am going to call it a night


Nikki (Renniwano-UKS) said...

Just LOVE the beer LO.. excellent idea and great colours..

Ruth said...

Ha Ha Ha your hormone rant is just brill--I really know THAT feeling of madness creeping into me too !!!;-) but the way you've said it is so funny

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