Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Ohhh Ive been quiet havent I ??

Well I have been busy - my scrapping stash had finally started no taken over my dining room!! One whole sideof the room was covered with boxes full of stash!! I promised James I would sort it, so persuaded him to take me up to Ikea for some new storage.

I spent all weekendsorting through my stash, and sorting my buttons (which have now all been sorted in to jarsby colour- they look sooooo pretty!! I knew I had alot but really I have alot of buttons!!! I find my space in the dining room works so much better now especially for scrapbooking!!

Talking of scrapbooking I have a few sneek peeks for you that I have been working on for the scrapbook apprentice!! I had to make 2 layouts and 2 cards and I really dont like making cards- its just not my thing!!
Right Im off to make Toad in the hole for tea
Have a good day


Lynn said...

the sneaks look great Cleo :)

Sarah (UKS Smelly) said...

Making me nervous with those sneaks, lol.

Love your new organised scrapping space, fancy popping up to Scotland to start on mine, lol

michele said...

love the organised stash! How many buttons!!! love the sneek peeks
hugs mx

jay670120 said...

i'm still amused you sorted all those buttons out into colour mixes ! xxx

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