Thursday, 26 February 2009

I am still alive!!!

Hmmm I think I have been on playing scrabble for too long!!

My husband James went to Adelaide last Friday so I have been entertaining my boys! I have introduced them to the Back to the future films- and they like them!! I love these films so its nice to share them!! My sister Roxanne came to stay for a couple of days. She is a self confessed sci- fi nerd!! hehe!! Whilst watching Heroes she continually shouted at the tv which made me laugh soooooo much!!

We went up to our local park where my boys enjoy climbing trees- next thing I knew she was up in a tree with them - lol I would have joined her but well I'm not that flexible!! he he! The boys thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

Whilst she was here I introduced her to the film 'Amelie' it's such a fantastic movie! Its very inspiring to watch!
I just love how beautiful it is!
The kit is being worked on and I can tell you that the main project this month will be a 3D house mini book!!
Some sneeks very very soon!

1 comment:

john and nic said...

1. Why was your sister shouting at the TV.

2. I watched Amelie for the first time not long ago and I absolutely loved it.

3. I hope Evan didnt fall out of the tree, cos it looks like he was on his way down.

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