Monday, 9 February 2009

Next kit sneeks

A sneek of whats to come :)

Ok so I have not been about much lately real life has a habbit of getting in my way lol I have a list as long as my arm of things to do and then it snows!! Oh I am sucha kid in the snow, Whilst throwing snowballs at a random stranger in the park (he was throwing them at me!) I slipped and ended up doing the splits- ouch!!!!! I am not someone who can do the splits and it hurt!! I am ok though! he he!
If any of you are local I will be teaching at paperarts on the 25th April Fiona makes some delish cakes as well as having a fabby shop:)
Right Off to tidy ha ha!!


jay670120 said...

Kit looks lovely all Valentinesy ok theres not such a word but you know what I mean. I love the pics in snow too xx

john and nic said...

Why did you have to put up pics of buttons. My life is lacking buttons. I look on in jealousy at your buttons. I miss buttons. All different colours. yummy.

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