Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Yooooddelele hooooooo

Oh I went quiet didn't I - Sorry about that !! lol
So what have I been up to ????? Ummmmmmm..... making kits , teaching writing newsletters, looking after kittens ummm and loads more that I can fit into my head right now- Oh but Twilight!-

I watched Twilight and LOOOOVVVVEEEEDD it but people kept telling me that the book was better so I bought it. Since having children I have been unable to read a book - I can read articles, magazine etc.. but my contraction just wasn't letting me. Until Twilight -OMG have I loved this book and the next one 'New moon' I have just started the 3rd too!! I love these stories!!, Vampires werewolves etc- and romance - what more could I ask for?? Anyone who knows my taste in films tv etc knows that I am a sucker for Horror, Sci fi, and Romance so these worked soooo well for me!! I am actually really excited about them (as if you couldn't tell!! lol)I have actually surprised myself at how 'into these books ' I have got into these books I even got up early (6 am ) to read on yesterday! I just cant wait for the time I find to read! I haven't been like this for such a long time!!
Anyhow....... I taught a class on Sat- a 3D Tree and a layout I have a couple of the class kits left here -if anyone fancies one they are on sale here

Right I'm off to make tea- Hope you have a good evening :)


Carmen said...

now sww I'm loving the books even though Bella winds me up with her whinging and Edward is coming off as a right ignorant swine... not sure why am so addicted actually, must be the whole paranormal thing. BUT the film wound me up something rotten! SO badly acted and stilted... taking Devon to see the 2nd one so am hoping it's better. The New Moon trailer is on YouTube :P Go knock yourself out - lot's of Jacob nekked chest for you to see ;)

Anonymous said...

I love your work! Hey--> I wanted to remind you that if you need great supplies for ONE DOLLAR you can go to www.scrapbuck.com.

rachel said...

awww cute kitten why cant they stay that size huh! i have been debating starting these books once i have got the few i have to read done i think i will get them that tree and the lo are super cute x

jayne x said...

i have the tree kit yipeeeeee !
i've also got the DVD twilight on the coffee table waiting to be watched !!! think i might actually read a book after listening to you Cleo ! xxx

Anonymous said...

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