Thursday, 26 July 2007

Arrrgggghhhh its the school holidays!!!!!!!!!

Oh my god I cant believe its that time of year again where I am driven mad for 6 whole weeks arrrggggghhhhhh!!!!!!!! The boys started fighting and bickering by 9 o clock this morning!!! And have pretty much carried it on all day!!!

I have been trying to sort out some things for the wedding getting cheques ready to send etc. Also having a small dilema about my music, hmmmm Right I need 2 songs to be on before I make my grand entrance and one for me to 'walk down the isle' to and another 2 to sign the register. My mate Nicola and I were trying out some of my gwen stefanni music- I sooo wish I had the guts to walk down the isle to 'Wind it up' that would be sooo cool and I think I would have to dye my hair aswell then to fuscia pink, but I am trying to keep it simple as I dont want everyone the think I am a complete escentric nutter (they probably think that already though hmmmmm)
I want to do a pre wedding layout about my head spinning with ideas hmmm will have to be another night as we have a abysitter tonight so we are either going to see harry potter or the simpsons - hard choice.
Right back to the boys tea
Speak soon

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