Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Oh dear its been a month

Oh I hadnt realised it had been so long- :P oooppps!!
Anyway start a fresh:)
So what have I been up to? Well appart from facebooking which has seriously been taking over my life (if your on it come and poke me:D) I have had some fab offers of scrapbook work. I will be teaching a class at the 'Chepstow pink scrappers crop' on the 7th feb - I am working on that class now, hmmm ideas flowing now:)
I have been on the mod scraps design team for a couple of months too and am gonna share some of my creations on here :) I was so loving making these little gingerbread men cards (the little felt gingerbread man come out of his pocket to be used as a tree deco) though James dad turned around and asked me why a makka pakka???? does it look like makka pakka???!!!Evan has the chicken pox at the moment poor lil man he is really covered!!!
Me and James had the weekend to ourselves last week, we went away to a wedding which was fab:)
anyway here is another layout I have done for my wedding album:). this pic of my sister my bridesmaid really makes me laugh- why the monkey bars rox???

Anyway I will be back tomorrow:)

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