Friday, 22 August 2008

Travel mini book kit plus extras now available

I have just added a folded mini book kit (pic below) on my kit shop blog plus extrasLast week we went to stay with James parents in Durham - we had a good time , the boys love being spoilt by their grandparents!! They even went fishing and brought home a large trout for tea!! I was able to get on with my scrapping and even got to the cinema to see the latest Mummy film (all of which I have loved) . I was very good and only made 2 trips to the scrapbook shop!!! Still I got some gorgeous bits!! We also went to a castle which was fab and had loads of things for the boys to do. Including foam figures and swords for the kids to whack - I have never seen Cal so excited, he was like a warrior from 'Lord of the Rings'!! Wow the energy he had was amazing!!!
There was also a jousting maching which Aeron and Evan loved playing on!!!
Right I have to get on- we have tennis lessons soon- yes me playing tennis - DONT LAUGH!!! :D!!
Have a good day


jay670120 said...

oooh i was naff at tennis when i was at school spent all the time running after the ball down the other courts lol !!! Liked badminton better for that reason.
great pics of the boys xx
cute x

michele said...

The boys looked like they had a great time. Love the mini book!
hugs mx (just down the road in weston!)

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