Friday, 1 August 2008


Lulu you made me laugh :) Thats so me- I look at things and try and work it out!! I will do a kit for this mini book :)!!!!
I have become obsessed with Word challenge on face book and have beaten the score of my husband!!!!! (sad I know !!!) Jayne is now obsessed too!!! :D!!
I went to see Wall-e yesterday, what a lovely film and all 3 boys were very well behaved and sat there nicely without disturbing everyone!! Even my grandparents enjoyed it - although my grandmother did go over the moral of the story many times!!!
We are popping down to swansea this weekend to catch up with soem family and friends hopefully- I havent been down for ages!! My sister said she will babysit so myself and James can go see the new batman film!!!
I am creating more classes that I am going to be teaching in sept for Bellaboo and if you would like to seee the details of the classes see here
The other classes I will be creating are for Artcards the link to these classes are here
Anyway I better get back to my boys ready for a day full of fun (hmmmm well arguements more likely!!! lol)
Have a good day


Luluuk said...

Hooray - a new kit and a new technique! Thanks Cleo. I can;t believe you are coming all the way to Bromsgrove, and I'm not going to be able to meet you :-( Zak will be too small to leave. But I shall keep an eye out, and hope come to a future event.

Good luck! Lulu

jay670120 said...

Gosh you are travelling here there and everywhere arent you ???? Yes im adicted to the word challenge thing on face book too . its very annoying as i see loads just as time is going to run out lol !!!
have a nice time in swansea i will see you soon x

jay670120 said...

ooooh i think ive worked out how to fold the pages but im not telling lol . i needed to know too and got a piece or two of scrap paper and folded away , my husband is very good at working it out too well he is an enginer!!

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