Monday, 22 September 2008

Classes at Bellabooo

I have to say that I had a fab time at the Bellaboo birthday bash. Liberty is so fun and friendly as are her sisters (how fun it must be to have the whole family scrapping). The day went so quickly- I left Bristol at 6.58 and had to go to Newport to change trains to get to Bromsgrove!! (seemed silly to me but hey that's what my tickets told me too do - and who am I to argue with tickets???) The second train was full of me - I mean FULL, all drinking beer at 8 am!!!! And prooowwwwwing to anyone female walking passed them , They were behaving - I just found it quite awkward being there!! I just put my MP3 player on to the Ting Tings and buried my head in Jane Austins Pride and Prejudice!!- I have wanted to read this book for years, and have now been promted by Lost in Austin - which I love !!!! Ahhhh Mr Darcy in the water - Swwwwwwooonnnnnn !!!
I taught 3 classes - a mini book , a canvas and a layoutEveryone was so friendly and welcoming :) I love seeing peoples own versions of the classes!!
Anyhows I had to leave in rather a hury to catch my train back - so sorry if I rushed you all :)
But I can back just in time to watch the Merlin program with my boys!!! and then ordered our sat night curry - yummmmmm !!!

I have been working on my kit and I can say that its going ot be a double project kit with a mini book and a layout- keep watching :)
Right I have to go and pick up my little Evan from school


Liberty said...

These classes were ammmmmaaaaaaazzzzinnng! We loved having you there Cleo, all my lovely ladies commented on what a great and inspirational teacher you are!!! Thankyou AGAIN! :)

jay670120 said...

loving all your work just found out my daughter lives very close to Bellaboo !!! typically she told me too late !
cant wait to see the kit & hope Evan is still enjoying school x

Sally said...

I did the Layout and the Canvas and really loved them both. They were my second and third Cleo classes, my first being at Barncrafters and all I can say is that I am in awe of your talent! You are so helpful when teaching too! So I hope to come to another of your classes soon.

Caron said...

I love the layouts - they are totally fabuliscious (if that is a word !!)

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