Wednesday, 3 September 2008

More sneek peeks :) - I bet your fed up of me saying that!!!

I have some more sneek peeks for you :) This one is for the mini book class for Artcards
And this one is a sneek of the inside of the mini book for the Bellaboo birthday Bash!!! woo hoo its so close now I cant wait!!! I am getting some mini photos printed today for this mini book (3x2 and possibly in b&w)
The boys will be going back to school on friday (silly day to go back on if you ask me!!) so hopefully I should be able ot get myself together to write up all the instructions for these projects- by the time the boys go to bed at the moment my brain is a bit like mash potato!!- not good for instruction writting!!
Also I am waiting for a delivery with my yummy stash for my september kit- I will let you all know when it is ready!!!

Starting tonight is that Lost in Austin program which I am sooooooooo excited about (I know its sad) but I loovvvveeeee Jayne Austin programs - so am hoping this will be good too - oh and who do you think you are - spoilt for choice tonight (I think maybe I am a walking tv guide)

I have to wait in this mornig for my new laptop- I have become thouroughly fed up of waiting for my 'TURN' on the pc- I have things to do on here you know- rather than just playing games- like talking to my friends :)!!!! Oh well thats what I tell my boys!!!
Right I have to go have a coffee to really perk up for the day!!!!
Have a good day!!


jay670120 said...

lol yes you must get i life and watch less tv ! im one to talk !!!
i dont think i'll be watching jane austen thing as mark wont , i could record it but i hate sitting down & watching tv in daytime. love the sneeky peeks so keep up with that. Hopefully see you soon xxx

michele said...

love the sneak peeks!! my son is back 2moro! can't wait, still got 4moths b4 i loose the other one to pre-shool tho! Tx for the reminder about lost in austin, i wanted to see that! hugs mx

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