Monday, 15 September 2008


I was so excited last week to recieve my copy of the scrapbook magazine- which had my 1st paid commission!! There ias something really exciting about seeing your work in print!! I know Liberty from Bellaboo was just the same :)!!
Talking about Bellaboo- I will be teaching for them in under a week!! I wanted to show one more sneek peek of the mini book I will be teaching!!

Evan starts school tomorrow - I cant believe it!!! Anyhows have a good day


jay670120 said...

Hope Evan has a great day at school . keira is loving her nursery shes been 2 mornings now and next day is friday.
Congrats on getting paid to be in a mag how cool is that its every scrappers dream x

magicchick1 said...

Congrats on your commission, it is very well deserved indeed! See you Saturdayx

Luluuk said...

congratulations - you desevre it for your innovative projects. Hope school goes well - is Evan your youngest? or do you still have one at home.
Which Magazine is it, so that we can get a copy?

michele said...

congrats on your commission, well deserved. hope evan gets on well at school. hugs mx

Ruth said...

this is stunning IRL great classes at Bellaboos 1st event--thanks

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