Thursday, 13 September 2007

photo editing

I was sent Kirsty Wisemans 'Zyuz it up' tutorials and they are fab the photo on the left is the origional and the right is the on I edited.. It amazes me the difference you get from just a quick edit

another I did was this one of my hubby!!

I have been having lots of fun playing with these- I love the brightness of the colours you can achieve- thanks Kirsty:)!!!
Life is so hectic at the moment between childminding everyday and having a bad cold. I havent got time to think!! I cant wait for next weeks crop at modscraps just to escape the daily grind!!
Right I think I am going to watch some telly now:)

1 comment:

willowthewysp said...

WoW...the differance is amazing...maybe i should try those tutorials!!!
Love your scrapping style too!

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