Friday, 25 January 2008

This is sandy

This is Calanns hamster Sandy, she is sucha friendly little thing. Despite Noodles greatest efforts to try and get her , she remains with the upper hand (he climbs on hop of her cage , so she nibbles his toes) it is so funny to watch the 2 of them (obviously not unnatended) I took her out one day and left noodles in Cals room , so he put 1 paw in the cage then 2 paws then the 3rd then climbed in, I cant tell you how funny it was. I am going to set him up for a photo shoot I think , just imagine it:)
Anyway I am off to stroud with mandy today to go to paper arts and a fabric shop, I love shopping , but I must bee good (its crop day tomorrow too). I am also waiting for my order with my kits for the chepstow crop, I am really excited about it now!!!

Anyway have a good day

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jay670120 said...

hes so cute xxxx How on earth you got a photo as good as this is beyond me !!! I can picture you all running round the house with a cerial bar (ok they dont eat cerial bars )whatever it is !

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