Sunday, 27 January 2008

Really good day

I had such a great day yesterday, I went to my crop and had such a laugh with Jayne (she is as crazy as me) oh and congrats Jayne on becomming an auntie:). I had this beautiful wedding pic of me and James and started a layout then I was shown grungeboard then Jayne forced some wings on me oh and 2 crowns, next thing I knew the wings and crowns were on my layout making us look like a king and queen, anyway I couldnt think of a tiltle so the girls came up with ROYAL FAMILY - MY ARSE!!! That was it then we were giggling, and guess what the layout is called??? yep you guessed it....... (pic coming soon)
Me and James had a babysitter last night so we went for some food at Oriental express- this was lush eat as much as you like , spring rolls, crispy seaweed, crispy pancakes, s&s sauce and then pudding.... pancakes with deep fried icecream- oh my god this was soooooo lush!!! Try it- yum!!!

We then went to see sweeny todd, who can resist such a man like Johnny Depp even if he is a mass murdering psychopath, oh how I loved the film!!! and it is musical too you cant go wrong!!!
I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on resdesigning my blog - I am bored and want to make it more me, any ideas welcome......

Anyway I have spoken about some goodies I have to give away thanks to Mandy Parr:)
So anyway over the next week or so I will be giving a gift a day to someone who leaves me a comment I will also be setting a few challenges for you, Todays giveaway is for some MME Bohemia flowers (this includes 2 croched flowers and one big fabric flower as in pic below)
Anyway I have some news:) I am going to be starting my own page and project kits called 'Cleo's undomesticated scrapping kits' but more news on that soon:) (I would be greatful for any comments or suggestions you have on this idea)
Right I am going to get on with my day it is soo lovely out there we are going to take the kids out (may take my friend my camera too:)
have a good day


jay670120 said...

glad you had a good day at the crop ...its not the same if you arent there and your work is sooo fab even if i try and make it funny !!!!
Im sure your kits will be really great as you have a eye for colour & touchy feely things :)
Ive also added you on my blog link now . As for your new blog just go for your gut feeling i know its right xxx

Linda (UKS Gadget Monkey) said...

Project kits sound interesting... and sound like you had a good evening out, hope to see that film Wednesday evening.

Jane said...

Oh wow I like challenges :) and good luck with your new kit venture too. I will watch with interest!

Julia said...

I will watch with interst to see how your new kit venture goes. I wish you loads of luck with it.

Nikki (Renniwano - UKS) said...

Would love to see the layout with the crowns.. and glad you enjoyed your crop..
I am a huge fan of 'Sweeny Todd' reading the book at the moment and would love to see the film.. really pleased that you enjoyed it as most think musical films are pants.. so atleast I know it can't be that bad..
Your new venture sounds like something to keep an eye on..
Good luck with all in the future..

curlywhiskersandtwitchingnoses said...

I would be very interested in your kits as your approach is original and your attitude reminds us that this if fun! It got me thinking about if i did 'undomesticated kits'. My influences would include: washing up, lots of cat hair, hay from the house rabbits (it gets everywhere!), loads of magazines (I am addicted), mouldy bread and a VERY thick layer of dust! Yum, my house sounds such a delight!!

Go for it girl!

rebekah22 said...

Sounds like quite a project! Will look forward to seeing your kits :-) Also can't wait to see the LO. I often find that the mood is reflected on the page so it should be hilarious! My next crop is on Sat. and I can't wait. Planning on making my mother's day pressie. Very early this year (2nd Mar).

Bring on the challenges (and more free goodies) I say :-)

whoopidoo said...

Hellooooo Cleo,

I think you should cheesehole your page! Yes I do! LOL! Lovely cheeseholed background... although this may be Craigs mouse obsession rubbing off on me a bit now! *g*

Carmen x

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