Tuesday, 29 January 2008

And the lil felt birdies are winging their way to ........

Hannah scrapper!!!!!!
Well done hon, just send your address to Cleoevans@blueyonder.co.uk and I shall get them in the post to you:)

Todays giveaway is gonna be a ..........'Lippy Chick flap book'
As always just leave me a comment and you will be in with a chance to win:)
I have been working on my blog header, I am not much of a digi scrapper but I am impressed with what I have done (bit of a digi scaredy cat here) I am sure it will be tweaked to death but for now it matches my blog:)
Oh I bought some 2 scoops the other day, think I will have to have a play with this later.

My house is a little undomesticated at the moment. My scrapping stash is growing rapidly, and I SOOOO need to sort through it all!!!

Mandy- I have cleared all the 'recycling' in my front garden (well I have made it all neater) you should have seen the look on her face!!! I recycle plastics but only take the bottles to recycle every few months, and she complained!!! lol ha ha ha!!! Oh and I have corrected my spelling mistakes, please check this post and get back to me with any mistakes please :D lol!!!!!

Anyway got to pick up kids soon so have a good Tuesday!! and leave a comment for a chance to win:)


angie said...

Love the blog Cleo.
Banner looks fine to me!!
I made mine from freebie digi elements.
I was gonna start digi scrapping but got that far and gave up!

Linda (UKS Gadget Monkey) said...

Banner is good, I have never tried digi scrapping (bought the books), so to me yours is brilliant!!

Linda (UKS Gadget Monkey) said...

Banner is good, I have never tried digi scrapping (bought the books), so to me yours is brilliant!!

Gem said...

Looks fab! I dont think I'llever be able to do that!

Julia said...

Banner looks great to me too! I have never tried digi scrapping.

Laurie said...

Love the banner, looks great!!

Anonymous said...

Love the new blog adding it to my faves for future inspiration. The Royal family LO is hilarious.


stephanie said...

love the chipboard crowns on the 'royal family' layout :) and fab effort with the banner!

Craneyboo said...

Enjoying the blog
Never tried digi scrapping, doesn't have the same appeal.
The part I love the best are the crops where I can have a chat and a laugh and the excitment of finding something to use as an embelishment!

Distressed said...

Hi I adore your blog - its stunning... and what better than be able to listen to Frank Sinatra whilst looking at your gorgeous LO's.

pange said...

i like youre header its great.ive never tried digi scrapbooking. i dont think im good enough on the computer to be honest. id need a few lessons.

Anonymous said...

I thought Jayne was joking when she said you'd put that comment on your LO. It looks fab by the way. I love the idea of kits from you, it will encourage me to think outside the box.

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