Tuesday, 10 June 2008

More layouts

These pics of Evan were taken back in april and are just soo cute:) I had to scrap them and the colours of these sassfrass papers was perfect.

I am stuck for a project for James gran (whose birthday is this week ) I have an idea I just havent got the photos for it:( hmmmmmmmmmmm will the boys pose??????? uuuummmmm NO!!! Hmmmm got some good ones of the little two, could put one of cal on the back ?????? hmmmm too many projects tooo little time:)

My poor lil boy Aeron had a terrible hayfever reaction yesterday, his eye swole up in school , had it been blue he would have looked like he had been punched. I took him straight to the docs (after giving him piriton) and of coursse the doc just looked at me like I was over reacting - well maybe I was , but he is only 6 - I want to make sure he was ok- which he is :) oh well I will just have to keep a bottle of piriton with me at all times.
Anyway have a good day

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jay670120 said...

Cleo i would never feel bad about taking kids to the docs ... i know they think you are wasting their time but if its peace of mind to the parent then the job is done !!!!
Hope your little chap is better soon , im slowly on the mend and just one thing well the last L/O was my fave but THIS ONE TOPS IT !!!! wheres your inspiration coming from ??? You will have to show me how you do that flower :D xxx

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