Monday, 9 June 2008

Ok ok, so I am a bad blogger!!!!

Ok I am a bad blogger!!!! But hey I have 3 kids!!!! And hayfever!!!!

Oh where oh where have I been - certainly not to london to see the queen

I have been boring and not really had much to say-iykwim!!! But lo and behold- I have refound my mojo in the Blossoms and Butterflies stack. I know it isnt the 'in' thing but I soooooooooo LUUUUUURURRRRRVVVE these papers.

I loved them so much so that I did this layout using these papers, I
cant say enough how much I love them:)

And another will be along very soon:)
Gotta run- have a fab sunny day:)

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john and nic said...

Wot no fairy??? hehe. Its looks good:)

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