Thursday, 12 June 2008

The Pomz

I couldnt resist this photo of Evan I had to do something 'cool' to fit it
I have painted , teared, machine stiched, punched, blinged, buttoned, glued, and rubed on many different sorts of embellies:) but you should see that state of my kitchen diner - OH DEAR!!! I do now realise that I have to clear up:(
The details:)
Well I am knackered. Evan woke 3 times last night then James got up at 5 for work and woke me:( and wont be back til 11pm tonight:( I have 4 kids for tea and am wondering how its going to be done???? oh well I am sure I ll sort it:)
Have a good day:)


john and nic said...

Busy busy busy. The Pom, why havnt you done a pommy one before. It looks really good, i'll be round next thursday to scrap and have coffee (thats if I dont decide to stay in Lottington with John and my growey stuff) :)

jay670120 said...

OMG this is amazing Cleo , I wanted you to do something naff go on show me your naffist work !!! bored of your work being amazing LOL
kidding aside its brill x

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