Monday, 23 June 2008

ok so its over a week again

Last week was a little weird for me. My bessie mate Nicola told me she was moving to Nottingham on sat!!! so the week was spent helping her sort her flat out ready for her and her daughter to go. I miss her already and my boys seem very quiet without her here!!! (I never thought it was her making all the noise). Anyway I think they are now both settling in very well in their new home:) So I am just going to say good luck to all 3 of you in your new home together:) I really hope you will all be happy.

I have so many projects I am working on at the moment, but am doing them in order of when they need to be done. This sat I am going to be teaching a mini book class at modscraps.

I have the urge to go and take some photos but my hayfever is really playing up atm (as well as my 2 youngest boys!!) but nothing seems to work:( Oh well may just have to take sneezy photos (could create an interesting movement!!!)
Have a good monday:)


john and nic said...

Thank you for helping me with our stuff, I never would have got it done without you. Im just wondering how im going to give you advice from here. We miss you all too.
Cant wait to see all your LO's on here. Im looking for a crop here. :)

jay670120 said...

OMG sorry to see Nic has moved , i knew you were close. Hope your hayfever dies down . Gonna miss you at the crop , you will have to email me a pic of your L/O
take care see you next moth if not before xxx jayne

willowthewysp said...

Blog award for you!

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