Monday, 21 July 2008

Loonnnnggg overdue post

Hey, well I have been up to some mischief with my mate Rhiannon (well lots of fun anyhows) She came to stay with us this weekend, which was fabarooney!!!!!
On friday night we decided to stay in and watch a film - a bbbbaaaaaaaad film called 'Black Sheep'. It was the worst but also the most entertaining the three of us had watched for a long time. - The plot basically about Killer mutant sheep in New Zealand!!!!!! It was a great film- so if you want a good laugh and I mean a real belly laugh watch this film!!!!!!

On sat we went to the modscraps crop on sat and Rhiannon made her first ever mini book!!! We had a laugh as usual with Jayne, Debbie and everyone.
We then went up to the park with my boys for a picnic tea and a bad game of tennis!! (I am not very good at the game!!) And felt sill as my 9 year old could beat me hands down!!! Oh well I never was one for sport. We had a yummy takeaway from the curry centre and watched Sweeny Todd ohhhhhh how I love this film the music the costumes and the actors!!! Oh sigh I love that film!!!!!!!

On sunday we ventured down to the arnolfini art gallery where they had paper fruit to make which could then be swapped for real fruit. So we split into teams of Team apple (myself and Evan) Team banana (Rhiannon and Aeron) and Team mango (James and Calann)

Team apple (Evan wouldnt pose and I was taking the pics)

Team Banana (Aeron with team apples apple on his head!!)

Team mango (Cal doesnt smile for photos)

We then went upstairs where they had a table of broken crockery and glueguns to make things, it was fab!!! Here is my lil dancing crockery lady!!!!!!

Afterwards we went to asda and bought a dress each - naughty I know but it is asda!!!
Rhi decided that hers needed to be altered and got started straight away, which then prompted me to 'decorate' mine with buttons and lace!!!! I didnt finish til 11.15!!

And today well all the boys were at school and nursery so me and Rhi ventured down to the shops of bedminster and had a good rummage with little luck and then decided to go to the windmill (local pub with yummy food) for lunch which was very yummy!!!!!!
We came back to mine and wanting to show off our new dresses paraded around my garden like a fashion show (well not as co-ordinated or syncronised!!) and these were the photographic results!!!!!
Be warned Pure silliness!!!!

Anyhows I have had a fab weekend and am now exhausted!!!
Have a good day!!!

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jay670120 said...

i wanna see better pics of your dresses !!!! Wot a fab day out at the arnofini has it finished now ???
it was nice to see your friend Rhi (couldnt be bothered to spell her name & prob get it wrong)xxx

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