Wednesday, 2 July 2008


Yup Ive been decorating and not in the fun art kinda way but the boring (but much needed) bathroom kinda way!! I have hated my bathroom since the day we moved in. We had orange pine cladding from floor to celing on everywall - I mean even for the splash back on the bath- nice and rotten. The ceiling had been woodchipped and painted turquoise. and a turquoise mushroom covered carpet - mmmmmm yum!!!! believe me this combo did not work!! I cant believe that it ever did work but hey each to his own. The bathrrom was stripped bare and painted lilac and some simple lino to freshen it up- which was ok but I still hated it!! now 3 years down the line enough is enough, time to do the job properly. One thing that (luckily)was ok was the suite plain white ceramic, in reasonable nick. So sunday morning was spent sanding cleaning and de- jarvising the bathroom. I chose a colour called oxygen (very pale green blue) which is very fresh. We bough 8 boxes of plain white tiles and off we went trasforming our dark, dingy, small, (our bathroom is about the width and length of a bath - SMALL) smelly bathroom into a light and airy bathroom. Dont get me wrong its still small but the difference is huge. Keeping everything simple and light seems to do the trick. We still havent finished so this weekend will be spentslaving awaybut it will be worth it!! I cant wait for a shower now!!!


July kit will be available from the 14th of July this month, There will be no August kit as I dont think it will be fair on my children- we are going to be having fun this summer!!! with no arguements (well ok maybe just one or two!!)
A sneek peek of the July kit will be up sometime in the next week - so keep an eye out (not literally- that might hurt).

Here are a few pics of the class I taught on sat. It was a very simple folded mini book that is quick and easy. I used lots of text paper for this project and handed out lots in the class. Now what I didnt realise was the content of the book - lets just say it was a little rude , but gave us all a real giggle!!!
Any hows I have a q forming for the computer- kids eh!!!


john and nic said...

Im loving the pages about Buffy, I can still hear those squeeks and beeps in my head. Cant wait for your sneek peek.

jay670120 said...

oooh now you are an expert in bathroom decorating you can do mine...i hate mine too but luckily we have two toilets so i havent got to let guests see it !!!!!hee hee xx
thanxs for showing me the class seeing i missed it. look forwards to seeing the kit but i'm on hols so you will have to put one by if i like the sneak peek (silly saying if)

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