Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Meet Mr Bin

For Nicola to see our bathroom!!!

I know its silly but I couldn't resist just to see the look on my family's faces. I took a very plain boring white bin, and dressed him up in a waistcoat with buttons, a bow tie and some eye buttons and this is the result!!! All I need to do now is find him a top hat !! He now resides next to my sink :) Calann rolled his eyes when he saw it!! Aeron and Evan laughed and James well James is used to me by now!!!

Myself and Evan went to the zoo today to meet up with an old friend of mine and his family. We had a lovely time except from the old silliness and running off from Evan!!! Terrible 2s - no terrifically terrible 3s more like!!! we got a few good snaps tho!!
The human monkey

Hanging around

Look at the tummy of this Lima :)
Tommorrow and thursday are now free for me to get on with many projects that need making , but you should see all the fab stash that is surrounding me!!!
Have a good day:)


jay670120 said...

Only you could cleotise a bin !!!!!
Great pics at the zoo your photography course must of had some effect :D xxx

Rachael said...

Cleo your bathroom looks lovely, the bin is fab!!

michele said...

hi your bathroom looks great really cool and fresh! reminds me that mine still needs doing!!Mr bin is a clever idea. Pics are fab too! {m}

john and nic said...

Your bathroom looks soooooooooo much better, i'll have to come round and have a look one day. Cant wait to see you on Saturday. Hehe Mr bins great :)

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