Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Mini book pics

The mini book is an Ato Z of me book.

I am off to the New Cabot Circus in Bristol today with my nan- I am not one for shoping in expensive shops like Harvey Nichols but my nan is very excited !!
Evan is really looking forward to spending the afternoon with my grandfather- he has planned to do jigsaws with him all afternoon!!!!
Cal is most excited about getting some free tickets to go to a Bristol city football match with his dad!!! James was pretty pleased too :)
I am going on a retreat in just over a week with 9 women from the lushalishious social group- should be fun!!!! :)
Anyhows have a good day.


Debsg said...

Wow. I adore this. I love those buttons.

Jo Power said...

This is beautiful I really love it.

peata said...

cute little mini!

CloClo said...

OMG Cleo, that mini book is awesome! Please, please bring that with you to the retreat, I want to see it irl! xxx

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