Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Yesterday and sneek peeks

Yesterday Jayne came to visit with her daughter Keira. We had great fun with the 2 of them playing with playdoh!! (and me and Jayne too!!!) But we didnt expect Evan to do this!! - Evan was playing with Keira upstairs with some beads (hama beads to iron!!) Evan walked down the stairs mumbleing something and the he showed me the bead that was stuck up his nose!! Poor little thing just wanted it out and kept poking his finger up his nose pushing the bead further!! So Jayne held his hands and I got some tweesers!! - It didnt work !! So we had to teach him to blow his nose. And after 3 hard blows the bead flew out shooting my leg which Evan thought was hilarious!!!! He was fine through the whole thing and actually thought it was funny!!! Well just a typical afternoon in my house !!! Jayne couldnt have realised what she was in for !!!

So the kit - I have been working on!!! Here are a couple of sneek peeks for you, as I said before the kit is a double project kit with 2 projects to work on !!!

This one is a mini book to make an A-Z of me and the other is

a layout/ home decor (its up to you to decide which) more pics soon but I do have to say these papers are LUSH!!!!! I hope you like polka dots!!!

Right I have to get ready to get up the school for the 3rd time today!!!


Luluuk said...

looks brilliant!

Beadsmad said...

I love the dots and glitter

jay670120 said...

i did have a great time and Keira was so shattered she was asleep b4 we even got out of Bedminster!! She managed to polish off her cake though and was plastered in the stuff !!!
Did have a fright with evans bead incident but he was really calm. it was funny after it was out though.
Also seen the kit in the flesh and you will be amazed , there are polka dots which i love , Material and lots and lots to look at and stroke ! Cleo has out done herself its amazing ' Be warned : you will want to buy'

Sally said...

I love it, when will it be out?

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