Monday, 27 October 2008

Oh what a weekend!!

The weekend has to be the most inspiring experience I have ever had- wow what a talented group of girlies we had there, I did a total of 7 layouts which is a 1st for me (I am a slow scrapper!)
The atmosphere was amazing and so fun !!! the tables were just covered with scrapping and chocolate the whole weekend!!!! I cant wait to do it again!! Th ehostel reminded me of a cottage from a horror film as it was set in a forest and was beautiful but was scary having to go to the loo (in a seperate block ) in the dark!! I scrapped til gone 3 on the first night- I was so tired the next night I went to bed about 11, but we were all up by 9 scrapping again!!!!!!

I can only show you 4 of my layouts atm , but will show the others when I can!!

Anyone else think this is soooooooo bare for me ?? I was being inspired by soem of the girls and decided to go for the minimal look - there is WHITE SPACE -lots of white space!!
I really loved puckering up the fabric for this one of James- I have even used clip on earings on this one!!!!!!
SJ took a fab pic of me which I am now using as my profile pic!!!
More coming soon - as well as some exciting news about my kits!!!!!


daydreamer said...

WOW! those LO's are gorgeous!
you sound like you were truly inspired at your weekend retreat,
I really love the 'white space' look, & your photo is lovely too
Rach x

jay670120 said...

Oh cleo glad you had a good time , i love the photo of you too it shows your true beauty :D 7 L/Os wow !!!
They didnt think you were a weirdo then .
I wanna come next year do you think they'll want a mad old lady there too x :D :D
see you tomorrow x

Leanne said...

cleo loving your layouts!! thanks so much for a fun weekend!! Lx

CloClo said...

Love that profile pic Cleo - its beautiful. And you already know how much I love your layouts cos I saw you making them all - was great sitting next to such a talented scrapper this weekend, can't wait to do it again! xxx

Jo Power said...

What fab lo. Your profile picture is beautiful. Love the white space haven't been able to do that myself yet.

john and nic said...

Glad you had a good weekend. OMG yes that is very bare for you, as I can imagine your still sitting there thinking it still needs something, but it doesnt its great as it is. Talk to you soon. :)

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