Sunday, 26 April 2009

Paper Arts

I had a great day yesterday at Paper Arts, I taught 2 classes- a mini book and a layout.
It was great to see some old faces aswell as some new ones I have never met- one being one of my facebook friends! Fiona made some of her fab cakes - yum!! I missed out on one type but the choccie ones were lush!!!

My kittens are doing well, 2 started opening their eyes yesterday and today their eyes are OPEN! It looks odd though!! I am not sure they can see yet as they are not looking about, but still using their sence of smell. Little Nigel still hasnt opened his at all yet, but sure he will soon. I will take some extra pics of them today once my batteries have charged (they were pinched for the wii). They are also moving around lots at the moment, they are climbing over eachother, I am going to try and take a movie of them!

**Exciting news**

I have finally sorted a Bellaboo crop in Olveston, South Gloucestershire, which is quite close to Bristol too!! If you fancy it there are more details here

Have a good day :)


michwot said...

lovely work as always, and the kittens are sooo cute (great names).
i did laugh at the batteries being nicked for the wii believe me i know your pain lol.

mich x

Queenie said...

Gorgeous makes...wish i lived closer.

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