Monday, 27 April 2009

Piccies of kittens

Heres some pics of my gorgeous little kittens.....................


beksynormz said...

OMG they are amazing, I so want a kitten but I'm not allowed! Thanks for sharing your photos, Beki xx

jay670120 said...

I'm not allowed to have a kitten either :( ive given one of these adorable kittens a hug and wanted to take it home, Don't think its mummy buffy would like it either !

Queenie said...

My oh my they are so sweet and cuddly,gorgeous.Thought i would pop on and let you know my kit arrived today,wooohooooo thank you so much i love it!!!

Queenie said...

Hi Chloe can you pop on over to mine as i have something for you.

Anne said...

Oh they are adorable! I'm getting a kitten soon (she was born ten days ago!) and I am SO excited!

Gill said...

They are just gorgeous!! We have four cats so I'm not allowed anymore right now:( Enjoy them xx

Anonymous said...

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