Thursday, 16 April 2009

Photos at paperarts

A few of you have been asking about the photos for the paperarts classes, I thought if I showed you the sepia photo I used for the layout it may help. This is the main one used for the layout and then these 3 are cropped from the original but printed about the size of a passport photo.

The mini book is a little easier as I have just used some colour photographs. It is fairly feminine though, mine is about my sister. It would be great as a book about a woman / women in your family. Alternitively it could be used for a event like a wedding!

I hope this helps! Just remember you can always add your photos later!

I have been putting together the Bellaboo may kit - I will show you some sneeks soon, am also thinking up my next Undometicated kit- the ideas are swirling around my head!! - More about that soon!!

I will be teaching at the Bromsgrove crop on June 6 and will be using these gorgeous Matriochkas papers!! More info on that soon !! If you cant make the crop but would like to get hold of these papers they are available here

Any hows in other news we will be hearing the pitter patter of tiny furry feet soon as My little Buffy is pregnant and getting ready to give birth to some cute kittens!! Myself and the boys are very excited about this!! Also on the wildlife front we found a puddle full of Tadpoles in the garden that we transfered into a tank, there are loads and we love checking on them! Isnt nature fab!!!

I have been watching Movies lately - Twilight- OMG I LOVED this film!!! I know some didnt like it, but I just loved the romance!!

We also saw 'Knowing' at the cinema. I do love apocalyptic films and was shocked at the ending! It was a great movie though.

The boys have now settled down after a day at the farm and the park, they are watching Igor so now I have a choice- Do I tidy the house, or watch it with them - oh decisions, decisions...... lol.

Right Tidy the house me thinks!! lol

Bye :)

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Anonymous said...

I just watched Twilight on tues, not my kind of film, but OMG I loved it too!!!!! I am SOOOO in love with Edward!!! Can't wait until you come to teach us!!

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