Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Charity shop

I went in my local charity shop yesterday (I love looking through nic nacs) and the woman behind the til said to me 'I was thinking about you yesterday' I looked at her worridly and said 'Why?' and she told me about a bag of necklaces and beads that were all tangled up, and she couldnt be bothered to sort them all out. So she thought I may like to buy them (I must be known for my crafting!!) So for £2 she handed over a bag of bits. I got them home and started sorting through them (there was a lot of tat) but some lovely bangles and broches were in there. So down comes Nicola and starts trying them on - we were like a couple of school girls giggling so heres a pic of what she looked like after she had dressed

She is going to kill me:P but hey she said I could do a layout with the pic (the ideas are there and ready to be layoutised!!!!
I had my hairsut this morning and it feels lovely - all soft and neat- well that should last until I pick Evan up (so 11.30)
Anyway have a good day:)
And mr Blades you are a Drongo!!!!!!


jay670120 said...

UMMMMM this confirms it Nicola is officially MAAAAD !!!! lol

Anonymous said...

I think the word today is nobby styles, wow dont I feel stupid, thanks Cleo. Hehehehe.
Hmmm I think I agree that Nicola is mad, also known as crazy!!!
Yes I also agree with the drongo statement.
I love the squaw look, the jewellery seems to have been a great find. Hours of fun for boys and girls!!!

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