Thursday, 24 April 2008

More photos

I have been busily trying to get my pics sorted for this weeks module for the PWL course I am doing. I have been really challenged by this module- A frame within a frame well I have tried very hard to get some half decent photos (despite lack of sleep due to children and kitten!!!)
So these are my final 3 for this week, but I also have to show you this one that I took of my gorgeous (but very squeeky, she purrs like a baby dinosaur from jurrassic park) baby girl Buffy:) She is ssssosososoososooooooo cute:) I cant wait to scrap this pic:) .

Watch out for a snnek peek of the may kit within the next coulple of days:)
Hvae a good day:)


Nessie said...

I ADORE the photo of the tree trunk and flowes - the colours are amazing! And of course you little kitty is soooo cute

jay670120 said...

great photos and i think you got the frame within a frame idea !!!! love the buffy last photo you are going to have to scrap that and scrap the name change too !!!!
see you sat , i'll save you a seat.

daydreamer said...

goegeous kitty, & cute name! fabby pics x

Dumuro said...

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