Sunday, 20 April 2008

Shes here!

Oh my little baby girl kitten is here!!!! She is soooooo cut and I have regretably changed her name to 'BUFFY'!!! She is a fiesty little thing:) Her and Noodles havent hit it off shall we say (well they hiss growl and spit at eachother!!) She has been exploring everything and even managed to get outside , by climbing through a very small hole in the wall (for venting!!) I think Buffy will fit in well here!!

Here are a few pics of the lovely ball of fluff!!!!!!!!!! She has got the longest white whiskers and eyebrows I have ever seen on a kitten
Noodle and Buffy have been doing this all day a eachother, I have been trying to get some pics but they are just too quick:)

We have been doing the garden again:) We have half the earth level now so , still got plenty more to do before we can turf it, but I can wait!!!

Evan starts nursery tomorrow so I am going to have the day to myself- I am trying to promice myself it wont be spent doing the dreaded fairy chores!!!!!! but crafting all day:D!!!!! yeeeyyyyyaayyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!! Woo hooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

Its cyber crop weekend next weekend and also the modscraps crop at which I am going to be teaching my class:) I really hope my cyber crop class goes down well- its one of my funny ones!!!!!
Anyway I think I may have a takeaway on the way yeayyyyyyyy!!
Have a good evening:)


Bagpuss said...

OOOO she is just gorgeous! Certain that she will settle down and BTW looking forward to your class next weekend for the CC too.

Anonymous said...

Awwwww yummy a kitten to cuddle tomorrow (should have said yes to one while i had the chance.) Hope she doesnt swipe at me while im walking past like Noodles does!!
I think I may come over and keep your mind on what you should be doing not cleaning. May even finish my first ever layout!!

jay670120 said...

Lovely little new kitten sure Noodles will get on with it soon they just have to set some top dog (cat) rules first xxx
Looking forwards to modscraps class too, have kit waiting x

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