Sunday, 13 April 2008

I'm back:) and I am armed with hundreds of photos!!!

Well I am back after a week in Cornwall, and I am knackered!!!!!!

We had a good time and the weather mainly stayed dry however it was BLOODY FREEZING during the nights (James keeps saying dont exagerate ) but it was!!!!!!!!

The first night we slept with a winter duvet over us, the second night we slept with the winter duvet and a summer duvet over us , the 3rd night we had a sleeping bag and the two duvets over us!!!!)

The boys had to wear jumpers , socks and extra t-shirts to go to bed as well as their sleeping bags and duvets. By the second day I had a cold!! GRRRRRRR!!! We thought we would go and warm up in the 'heated' pool for a swim surprise surprise the heaters werent working GRRRRRRRRRR!!!! And the showers were luke warm and a trickle GGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! Can you tell I was a little peeed off????

Anyway apart from that we had a really good time, we went to the beach, a seal sanctuary, a couple of castles, a blue reef centre, a scrapbook shop (yes I found one and stocked up on magazines for the evenings ahead) The Eden project where I bumped in to an old friend (which was really cool) oh and Lands end where we went to the Dr Who museum:)

James had to take a pic of me with the statue:) and then you have to guess who is who in this one (James idea of a joke~!!!!!!!!!!)
Anyway enough of photos I have been working on a layout that seems to be taking me forever so I am off to have another bash at it:)
Have a good evening:)


jay670120 said...

Lol photos made me smile and comments about the cold made me laugh !!!! I hate the cold and think i would of wore jumpers in bed just like the kids lol !!!!
sounds like you had a really packed hol x cant wait to see more pics x

EWhyley said...

Sounds you had a great, if not chilly time!! Loving the photos.
Sooooo are we getting any hints on May's kit????

em x

jimmy jackson said...

The photos make me smile and comments about the cold made me laugh. The cold is disgusting. You can sleep with duvet instead which gives you warmness. You can know more about duvet which I can help you.

willowthewysp said...

That statue is AWESOME!!!
Glad you had a good time:)

whoopidoo said...

There is a Dr Who museum??? I will have to get the girls to it. Fab piccies - those Angels are the only Dr monsters that freak Craig out! Hahahahah - might be worth going just for that :P

Carmen x

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